Blackboard BBQ: Stunning Brisket on Stunning Property

If you have not spent too much time in the Texas Hill Country, you may not be aware there are two distinct types of Texas Hill Country. Both are beautiful and amazing in their own ways to be sure, but the type of Texas Hill Country you find in Sisterdale, Kendalia, and Blanco among others, is just special.

Topographically speaking, it’s a bit more rustic. There are less trees in general, certainly less oaks, more mesquite, more rocks and more cactus. With fewer trees, it feels and is expansive. There is certainly less development which adds to the overall openness.

But it is beautiful to be in it, to breathe deep this fresh air. You do really have to be there to experience how this Texas Hill Country and make you feel invigorated and free. I mention this because aside from the astoundingly delicious BBQ on offer at Blackboard, the other MAJOR perk is you get to take an extraordinarily beautiful drive to there and then spend time in what I believe is truly God’s Country.

Blackboard BBQ