Oberammergau Passion Play

The municipality of Oberammergau is situated in Bavaria, Germany and sits on the Ammer River. The town is famous for its miracle passion play. 

Since the 1600s this small Bavarian town has been performing the Passionsspiel or Passion Play to commemorate the sufferings of Christ and in thanksgiving for its deliverance from the plague. Performances of the play are from Mid may to early October. 

The play is performed once every ten years. With the current COVID-19 outbreak, however, the performance has been postponed to 2022. For the inhabitants of the town of Oberammergau who take part in the play (nearly 2,000 of its residents) this is a great economic blow.

The play is so important and crucial for care of the town that there is a saying “Die Passion zahlt” or “the Passion Play will pay for it”. Along with the famous Passion Play Oberammergau is known for its traditional wood carvings of religious subjects.

If you ever want to visit a beautiful and tradition filled small town in Bavaria consider the city of Oberammergau for your next trip.

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