The Ultimate Guide for Visiting Iceland

When you hear Iceland, the first that comes to your mind is the most romantic and mesmerizing scenery known as the Northern Lights.

But we didn’t know that Iceland has more than that which is truly amazing and worth going for. 

Aside from its climate, Iceland known as the land of fire and ice is wealthy in nature’s beauty it has so many breathtaking views.

So better pack up your bags, we are going to Iceland!

Iceland is an island the same size as Portugal. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean very near the Arctic circle.

Even though it is one of the youngest landmasses on earth but surprisingly it is where most of the active volcanoes are found.

Because of this, Iceland has been blessed with a lot of natural hot springs and geysers.

The city capital of Iceland is Reykjavik almost two thirds of the total population of 320,000 lives in Rekjavik, making 80% of the island uninhabited.

We will go over more of Iceland’s geography later on.

But when is the best time to go to Iceland?

Well, there are different best months depending on what you are really want to see most.

The low season for traveling is the Middle of October to the middle of May. 

What are the pros?

Because this is a low season, you’ll have a chance to avoid crowds of tourists and it is also when accommodations are at their best price, airfare and rental cars are also affordable at this season. 

During these months, days in Iceland are shorter because its daylight ranges from 4 to 6 hours only, so expect that most of your tour will be cold and dark nights.

What can you enjoy during this season is the hot springs, winter, and the nightlife, I mean LONGER NIGHTLIFE!

Shoulder Season is a better time to see the northern lights or the aurora borealis because this is the season when Iceland has full dark nights.

Considering that the population is small and very low pollution, these months are still the best time to go if you want to experience the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis.

The high season is from the middle of June through August.

This is the peak of their summer and days are very long, just a perfect time for a lot of tourists to enjoy long hours touring around Iceland.

The weather is perfect in these months, but you’ll have to bear large crowds of tourists, higher accommodation rates, and higher airfare.

Now that you get an idea of when to visit Iceland, let us get to know the cities and towns you should see.


The capital city and also the largest city in Iceland. Reykjavik is found along the coastline.

This city is known for its lively atmosphere especially during summer when the days are longer.

Reykjavik is the home for 200,000 people, almost ¾ of Iceland’s total population.


Located just outside Reykjavik, is the third largest town in Iceland.

It is the center of Icelandic rock ‘n’ roll scene.

If you are lucky to be here at May or June, you will experience celebrating festivals like Vikings Festival and Bright Days Festival.

Another thing that you will enjoy here is the 3 natural swimming pools.


Believed to be the first settlement when the Vikings came to Iceland.

But right now this city is known for a great place for whale watching and Húsavík whale museum. 

This is the biggest town on the northern part of Iceland, and it has the country’s best hiking trails, as a matter of fact, even during winter season, most of the trails are passable.


A combination of the town and nature’s beauty. That’s what this town is.

The main attraction of this town is the Botanical Garden at the center of Akureyri, where you can see all of Iceland’s flourishing plants.

There are also historical and cultural museums where you can drop by to get a few hints of what and Iceland was long ago.


If a picture paints a thousand words this place will say a lot!

The arty-crafty houses and the noticeable landscape is one of the reasons why you have to visit Iceland.

This is where the best hiking spots are also found since the town is located at the innermost part of fjord.

Vík í Mýrdal

Located in the southernmost part of Iceland and home to less than 200 people of Iceland, they are lucky enough to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Because of the beauty of this place and sits along a beautiful coastline, the tourist industry has developed.

Because this village sits at the foot of a volcano, the sand on the beach is made of black basalt.


The colorful buildings in Siglufjörður totally match its wintery look.

If you are into sports, you will surely enjoy coming to Siglufjörður during winter, when you can experience winter sports activities like ice skating, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing.

Another point of an interest is Herring Era Museum where you will learn how Herring made the economic growth of Iceland a success.


Located in the south of mainland Iceland is the Westman Islands.

It’s an archipelago made up of volcanic islands.

Though it’s pretty hard to reach, this destination is worth your time and effort because of the colorful Puppins.

Puppins made Vestmannaeyjar special to tourists and is actually the municipalities’ presentation.


Another must-visit is Kópavogur the second biggest community with over 30,000 residents.

It is also where you can see the fascinating Kópavogur Church “shell church”. It has a modern architectural design.

This church stands on a hill which makes it the highest structure in Iceland.

After you figure out which cities and towns you need to visit, isn’t it nice to find the best hotels in Iceland?

Hotel Borg

If you want a sophisticated stay and state of the rooms and suites, the Hotel Borg is the place you want to be.

It is located in Reykjavik.  With its rate of 244 euros per night, you can enjoy a comfortable stay, every room and suite has cream leather furnishings, dark wood furniture, and marble floors.

Sand Hotel

Also located at the heart of Reykjavik is this stylish and lustrous hotel.

It features a minimalist design each colors used in this hotel are carefully chosen.

Since it is located at the center of the city, tourist destinations are within reach.

You may book a room for 179 euros per night.