3 SIZZLING Sushi Spots in Santa Ana, CA to Visit

Embark on a sushi sojourn in Santa Ana, where three distinct eateries beckon the palate with their unique takes on this beloved Japanese fare. At ShariNori, Chef Han weaves a tapestry of flavors, melding traditional sushi artistry with eclectic ingredients. In contrast, OmG Omakase by Gino offers an intimate, chef-led odyssey into the heart of sushi craftsmanship. Meanwhile, Koco Sushi delivers authenticity and freshness, cementing its status as a local gem for Japanese cuisine aficionados.


ShariNori in Santa Ana, CA, stands out as a premier destination for sushi enthusiasts. Founded by the talented Chef Han, ShariNori has evolved from a delivery-only service during the pandemic to a highly praised brick-and-mortar sushi bar. Chef Han’s innovative approach to sushi combines traditional Japanese techniques with unique ingredients from various cultures, creating a modern twist on classic sushi.

Food Highlights

  • Premium Omakase Sashimi Box: Perfect for reducing carbs, this box features super fresh fish with creative toppings.
  • Bluefin Tuna Box: A must-try for tuna lovers, offering a delectable selection of bluefin tuna.
  • Premium Omakase Sushi Box: Ideal for nigiri aficionados, showcasing an assortment of the freshest fish.
  • Premium Bara Chirashi Box: A visually stunning dish with top-quality uni and sashimi cuts, complemented by exceptional sushi rice.

Atmosphere: ShariNori’s interior is clean and inviting, featuring seating that surrounds the chef area, allowing diners to engage with the restaurant team. The chefs are friendly and interactive, while the service is attentive and accommodating. Despite being located in a food court, the layout and ambiance make for an impressive dining experience.

Bottom Line: ShariNori offers an unparalleled sushi experience with innovative dishes and top-quality ingredients. Chef Han’s dedication to excellence ensures every bite is luxurious and delicious. Sushi lovers should not miss the chance to visit this standout sushi bar.

Location: 201 E 4th St Santa Ana, CA 92701

OmG Omakase by Gino, CA

For those seeking an immersive dining experience, OmG Omakase by Gino offers an intimate glimpse into the craft of sushi-making. This gem provides an exclusive seat at the culinary theater where Chef Gino showcases his mastery. With a reservation process that builds anticipation, guests are treated to a menu that evolves but always impresses with its quality and creativity.

Food Highlights:

  • Fresh Fish Selection: The sushi is a harmonious blend of flavor and texture, without the overpowering taste often associated with seafood.
  • Oyster Excellence: The oysters are a standout, capable of bringing tears of joy with their exceptional freshness.
  • Uni Pasta Innovation: A dish that melds the creamy essence of cheese with the unique taste of sea urchin, topped with freshly shaved truffle.
  • Dessert Delights: Even after a generous series of approximately 20 dishes, the desserts make a memorable finale.

Atmosphere: OmG Omakase by Gino is a cozy enclave that seats a maximum of 10 guests, fostering a convivial environment where diners can engage with both the chef and each other. The restaurant’s ambiance is enhanced by the personal touches Chef Gino imparts, including handcrafted bar and dishware, which contribute to the homey and comfortable setting.

Bottom Line:
OmG Omakase by Gino is more than a meal; it’s a celebration of Japanese cuisine and craftsmanship. The attentive service, combined with Chef Gino’s personal storytelling and culinary artistry, makes it a destination for those special occasions when only an extraordinary dining experience will do.

Location: 304 N Main St Santa Ana, CA 92701

Koco Sushi

Koco Sushi is a sushi haven that promises an authentic taste experience for sushi lovers. Whether it’s a quick lunch or a family dinner, Koco Sushi serves up a delightful array of Japanese dishes that cater to all palates. With a reputation built on fresh ingredients and genuine flavors, this sushi spot has become a local favorite for those in search of a satisfying Japanese meal.

Food Highlights:

  • Beef Udon Soup: A warm, flavorful broth with tender beef and hearty udon noodles.
  • Gyoza: Perfectly pan-fried dumplings, a balance of crispy and chewy.
  • Crab Shrimp Hand Roll: A tasty hand roll, though it features imitation crab, it doesn’t skimp on flavor.
  • Eel Nigiri (Unagi): Succulent eel over seasoned rice, a must-try for unagi enthusiasts.
  • Sashimi Selection: Fresh, thinly-sliced raw fish, a testament to the quality of ingredients.
  • D & E Platters: An assortment of rolls and nigiri, perfect for group celebrations.

Atmosphere: Koco Sushi may appear modest from the outside, but inside, it’s a cozy enclave that exudes warmth and hospitality. The dining space, though small, is efficiently arranged, creating an intimate ambiance akin to dining at a friend’s kitchen table. The simplicity of the decor keeps the focus on the food and the company.

Bottom Line: Koco Sushi is the quintessential spot for those seeking an unpretentious setting with food that speaks volumes. The sushi is consistently praised for its freshness and the service for its speed and friendliness. It’s a place where the quality of the fish shines and the authenticity of the Japanese cuisine is preserved.

Location: 715 N Main St Santa Ana, CA 92701