The Best Pizza Spots in New Orleans – (With Cheesy Photos)

Looking for the best pizza in New Orleans in 2023? Are you a fan of gooey, melty cheese and savory, perfectly-seasoned toppings? Do you dream of biting into a slice of heaven and experiencing pure, unadulterated bliss? If so, you’re in luck, because New Orleans is home to some of the best pizza restaurants around!

From classic pepperoni to creative veggie options, these pizza restaurants in New Orleans have something for everyone!

Crescent City Pizza Works

Crescent City Pizza Works is a classic choice for pizza if you’re in New Orleans. Their pizzas are great for late-night munchies with good quality ingredients, making them solid pizzas.

It’s characterized by a thin crispy crust that’s greasy (but not too much) and is perfect for hangovers. A slice is a little more expensive, but it’s delicious pizza.

Try their cheeseburger pizza, BBQ pork pizza, buffalo chicken, or pepperoni for some of the best pizza in New Orleans.

Menu: Crescent City Menu

Top Review: “I’m from Chicago, first job was making deep dish pizza. I travel to NYC every month and enjoy amazing NYC style pizza. Bottom line I know pizza. This place really surprised me. A pizza by the slice place dead in the middle of the most touristy place in New Orleans? This can’t be good. Well it WAS! It was the best pizza I’ve had since I was in NYC. Delicious! I had the pepperoni and the Buffalo chicken and it hit THE SPOT! I wanna get a while pie now! So many cool combos too. Definitely come here after the bars. Treat yo self!”Mike G.

407 Bourbon St New Orleans, LA 70130, (504) 569-3664

Pizza Domenica

Pizza Domenica is another local spot considered one of the best pizza places in New Orleans.

It’s got a cozy setting, dim lighting, Italian music playing in the background, and a friendly staff — the vibe is geared for you to unwind and chill with some great food.

They have an extensive menu with some pizza varieties, from traditional choices to specialty flavors.

Try their Tutto carne or Margherita. They also have vegetarian options, and they serve alcohol.

Menu: Pizza Domenica Menu

Top Review: “I must say this is a extremely cute pizza place! I love the outdoor seating area. We started with the garlic bread knots and I don’t know what they put in that whipped dipping sauce but it made those knots pop! Talk about good melt in your mouth bread. I ordered the Margherita pizza and the sauce was so tasty I wish I had ordered some on the side to dip my pizza in. The pizza dough was so light, crisp and soft all in one. We also got a classic cheese pizza which was also just as good. We ordered the Buffalo Chicken Stromboli which was the perfect amount of cheesy, Buffalo sauce goodness. It wasn’t to hot either it was just right. We all concluded that this is one of our new favorite pizza places and will be returning soon to try out more menu items.”Robin L.

3200 Banks St New Orleans, LA 70119, (504) 459-2072

Vieux Carre Pizza

The French Quarter isn’t all about the local specialties; it’s also where you can find one of the best pizza spots in New Orleans.

Vieux Carre Pizza serves you a very classic experience — offering pizza by the slice, on paper plates, and open until late at night. It’s another one of those places great for a late-night bite or a not-too-heavy meal after a night of drinking.

Their pizzas are flavorful and come in huge slices and a thick crust. The price is also reasonable, and it comes out nice and hot when you order in the store. The delivery isn’t too bad if you don’t want to get out of bed already.

People recommend meat lovers’ pizza, bourbon special, and cheese pizza.

Menu: Vieux Carre Menu

Top Review: “Tried two types of pizza, the ‘Bourbon Special’ and the ‘Meat Lovers’.  Both were delicious and flavorful. They were not ordinary, fast-food type pizzas and came in large slices with a thick crust.  Reasonable prices and a helpful, friendly staff.  Definitely the best pizza place by Bourbon street.”Jenny L.

733 St Louis St New Orleans, LA 70130, (504) 529-1999

Nola Pizza Co.

Nola Pizza Co. is fascinating with its commitment to bringing New York-style pizzas to New Orleans. Nola Pizza Co. is a part of the Nola Brewing Co., which allows them to make great beers and recreate the water from New York City.

Is that what makes their pizzas authentic NY-style pizzas? We’ll let you be the judge of that. They offer red, white, and square pizzas with favorites like pepperoni and veggie pizza.

Don’t miss their weekday lunch special, where you can get two slices of pizza, a side salad, and a draft beer for $10. Definitely one of the best pizza places in New Orleans.

Menu: Nola Menu

Top Review: “Love this place! It’s super convenient for a quick lunch stop during work, affordable, and delicious. I tried the lime beer as it came recommended than a friend and ended up having 3! It was like a classy Corona, you feel like you’re on the beach in Mexico. Pizza is awesome, with a crunchier crust which I love.”Alex M.

3001 Tchoupitoulas St New Orleans, LA 70115, (504) 272-0618

Meaux Jeaux Pizza


Top Review:

Helen’s House Bread fo tha Soul

Top Review: “You can tell Kevin takes pride in his work. Not only a good pizza, but a handmade, crispy New-York style crust. The sauce must be handmade as it has visible pieces of tomato and is seasoned perfectly. Everyone in our vacationing party agreed – the pizza was well balanced and delicious!”Lonnie H.

2706 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70117, (504) 233-4177

Paulie Gee’s Crescent City Slice Shop

Paulie Gee’s is an icon in the pizza community, originating from Brooklyn before adding multiple locations across the country, including New Orleans.

Paulie Gee’s Crescent City Slice Shop, best pizza in New Orleans, Louisiana
Photo: Travis M.

They have a diverse menu of classic and unique flavors for their New York-style pizzas. Their crispy thin-crust pies are a local favorite, and people recommend the Hellboy slice or the Freddie Prince pizza. They also serve alcohol and have vegetarian options.

Head over for some of the best New Orleans pizza!

Top Review: “In a word, spectacular. As an NJ native, I wasn’t expecting much from a New Orleans pizza shop when visiting with my wife. Couldn’t have been more wrong. The place is cute, the service was friendly, but the slices spoke for themselves. Best slices I’ve had outside of the northeast. Place could fit right in on any street in NY/NJ. Old school coke machine was a very nice touch. Anytime I am back in New Orleans, we will be making a stop. The pepperoni Sicilian slice was my personal favorite, sauce was delicious and the crust was phenomenal. My wife enjoyed both of her slices, and the pepperoni/sausage joint was also great. Only wish we tried the hot honey, forgot to buy a pack or two when we checked out.”Francis F.

726 Julia St New Orleans, LA 70130

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