2 Fun Hole in the Wall Restaurants to Try in Plano This Holiday Season

Two unassuming yet extraordinary eateries promise an unforgettable dining experience in the heart of Plano. Each unique in its charm, these hole in the wall restaurants are local favorites, offering mouth-watering dishes that will leave you craving more. Join us as we unveil these must-visit spots that are sure to add flavor to your festive celebrations!

Mahalo Hawaiian BBQ

Mahalo Hawaiian BBQ in Plano, Texas, stands as a delightful surprise for those seeking a taste of the islands. This hidden gem, located in a modest strip mall beside Mexican businesses, offers an island escape right in the heart of Texas.

The restaurant, though unassuming in appearance, has rapidly gained a dedicated following since its opening a few months ago. Its proximity to a fruiteria shop adds to its unique charm, blending diverse culinary cultures.

The teriyaki chicken, known for its juicy and well-seasoned taste, and the soft galbi are particular favorites.


Food Highlights:

  • BBQ Chicken and Pork Combo: Served with rice, steamed cabbage, and macaroni salad.
  • Hawaiian BBQ Mix: A blend of short ribs, BBQ beef, and chicken breast in a sweet sauce, often paired with Cajun fries.
  • Passion Fruit Drink: A refreshing choice reminiscent of tropical flavors.
  • A3 Hawaiian BBQ Mix Combo: Includes BBQ chicken, short ribs, BBQ beef, rice, macaroni salad, and steamed cabbage.
  • Crab Rangoons: Crispy and served with a unique Hawaiian sauce.
  • Other Offerings: Chicken katsu, BBQ short ribs, kalua pork, crispy shrimp, spam musubi.

Mahalo Hawaiian BBQ exudes a casual and welcoming atmosphere. The friendly greeting by staff members like Jacob instantly transports guests to the Hawaiian islands.

Uyen L.

The restaurant’s focus on takeout allows customers to enjoy their meals in nearby parks, embracing both the food and the beauty of a Texas sunset. The owner’s warmth and dedication to offering a genuine Hawaiian experience make every visit special.

Mahalo’s popularity has grown through word of mouth and glowing online reviews. Patrons rave about the generous portion sizes and the balance of flavors in each dish. Visitors to Mahalo are not just customers but become part of a community that appreciates the essence of Hawaiian cuisine and hospitality.

2380 E Park Blvd Ste 404 Plano, TX 75074

West African Way

West African Way in Plano, Texas, is a delightful discovery for anyone seeking an extraordinary dining experience. This West African-inspired restaurant captivates diners with its unique flavors and warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Whether it’s a casual dinner with friends or a special family gathering, Mahalo promises an unforgettable meal.

Food Highlights:

  • Pineapple Ginger Juice: A refreshing blend of citrus and spice with a hint of sweetness.
  • Meat Pie: Freshly made with a perfect balance of filling, crispy and juicy, complemented by an irresistible sauce.
  • Benachin with Beef: A fusion of tender, savory meat and flavorful, spiced rice, accompanied by sautéed onions and baby carrots.
  • Grilled Chicken Benachin: A harmonious blend of peppery rice, sweet onions, and carrots with delicious grilled chicken.
  • Chicken Yassa: Moist, flavorful chicken enhanced by onions, offering a distinct taste experience.

West African Way radiates a unique charm with its ample seating, warm lighting, and captivating artwork. The restaurant’s ambiance is further enhanced by the exceptional service and insights into Gambian culture provided by the staff, including Chef Sulayman.

The restaurant’s approach to West African cuisine is both authentic and innovative, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts. It’s no surprise that Mahalo Hawaiian BBQ has become a favorite in Plano, inviting repeat visits and new explorations into its delicious menu.

1405 Jupiter Rd Ste 116 Plano, TX 75074