The Ultimate Guide of Fun Things to do in Katy, Texas

And Houston is next door!

Katy, Texas is a fast-growing city within the Houston Metropolitan area. A sprawling and vibrant suburbia overflowing with great places to visit all year round.

Its population is currently estimated at around 19,000.

Our List of Fun Things to do in Katy, Texas


So we are going to kick it off with the legendary Texas gas station chain, Buc-ee’s. If you are not from Texas, and you have never heard of Buc-ee’s, then get ready for something special. Buc-ee’s is a gas station, yes, known for its absurd amount of pumps.

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Think of a football field loaded with pumps. That’s probably the quickest way to conceive of the enormity of a typical Buc-ee’s.

But they are also fun and exciting because there is so much hustle and bustle. Like LAX bustle at peak time. If you like people watching at airports and taking in new sights and smells, you’re gonna love Buc’ee’s.

Also, they are known for having incredibly clean and massive bathrooms. You will never have to wait in line.

These pictures from Buc’ees own website are misleading – they were definitely taken when they were temporarily closed. For accuracy you have to imagine a few hundred people walking and milling about!

Katy Mills Mall

Most everyone that has visited Katy for leisure or shopping has spent some time at Katy Mills Mall.

This is a massive sprawling mall that has many great shops. It is also great for walking! It’s a giant loop, and the ceilings are very high with very wide walk areas.

The mall went through a major renovation at the end of 2019.

Katy Asian Town

Katy Asian Town is a relatively new hub for Asian-owned restaurants and shops, including a large H Mart.

H Mart, is a huge Korean-owned Asian grocery chain. They carry mostly Korean products, but also a wide variety of Japanese, Chinese and Thai products, among others.

The stores are upscale in decor and very fun to shop around in.

They also have a Korean-owned bakery, Tous les Jours which is typically found off to the side of the entrance in H Mart. Very high-quality pastries can be found here.

Here’s an in-depth review of the eateries that can be found in Katy Asian Town.

No Label Brewing Company

Be sure to stop by No Label Brewing for some amazing craft beers and fun for everyone. They have a fantastic playground for kids. They also allow pets. How cool is that!

They host a number of events regularly, so be sure to stay up to day with their website for all the latest details.

Andretti Indoor Carting & Games

Andretti Indoor Carting & Games is packed with games and attractions for the whole family. Here is a quick rundown of what they offer: