Try These Amazing Hidden Gem Restaurants in Ottawa, Canada

Discover the city’s culinary secrets as we unveil three hidden gem restaurants in Ottawa. Tucked away from the city buzz, these unassuming eateries offer a diverse range of delectable dishes, inviting you to savor the unexpected in every bite. Get ready to indulge in a hidden culinary adventure that goes beyond the ordinary.

Corazon De Maiz

One of the hidden gem restaurants in Ottawa to try is Corazón De Maíz.

Food Highlights

  • Tantalizing tacos
  • Mouthwatering beef burrito with mild hot sauce
  • Flavorful, pull-apart meat that leaves a lasting impression

The menu, though not budget-friendly, compensates with generous portions and top-notch quality.


Corazón De Maíz captivates with its lively ambiance, transporting diners to the heart of Mexico. The bustling market setting adds to the charm, making it an ideal spot for those seeking genuine Mexican flavors amidst the touristy hustle of ByWard.

The atmosphere, marked by friendly staff and lively music, complements the enticing aroma of Mexican delights. Catering to both locals and tourists, this establishment offers a genuine experience.

55 Byward Market Square, Ottawa, ON K1N 9C3 Canada

Bowman’s Bar & Grill

Nestled in Ottawa, Bowman’s Bar & Grill stands out as a go-to spot for delectable bites and a relaxed pub atmosphere. Boasting a menu that surprises with its unique choices, this gem offers a delightful culinary experience.

Whether enjoying a quick snack or a family dinner, Bowman’s delivers not only on taste but also on a welcoming ambiance.

Food Highlights

  • Nut Burger with a distinctive patty texture
  • Mouthwatering mixed tater tots and salad sides
  • Authentic Churro with Nutella, a surprising dessert find
  • French fries


Bowman’s Bar & Grill exudes a cozy charm, inviting patrons into a laid-back haven.

Some may find the spot pricey, but the charming atmosphere distinguishes it as a unique destination for those seeking a relaxed, friendly experience. The welcoming staff and diverse menu choices make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

1170 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1Z 7K6 Canada