Don’t Sleep on These 2 Amazing Hidden Gem Restaurants in West Palm Beach, FL!

Hey WPB! Have you tried these two hidden gems?

Dive into RH Rooftop Restaurant and Rhythm Cafe, two remarkable spots in West Palm Beach that promise more than just a meal. From the ethereal setting of RH Rooftop to the eclectic charm of Rhythm Cafe, each offers a unique experience that’s hard to find elsewhere. Let’s take a closer look at both of these awesome gems!

RH Rooftop Restaurant

RH Rooftop Restaurant West Palm offers a unique dining experience on the fourth floor of RH West Palm. This 80,000-square-foot design gallery merges various elements to create a stunning environment. The restaurant boasts a menu rich in fresh ingredients, complemented by a wide selection of artisanal wines and craft beers.

With over 60 wines from renowned vintners and 40 available by the glass, guests can enjoy a diverse drink menu. The dining area, a year-round skylit garden, features trickling fountains, heritage olive trees, and glimmering chandeliers, providing an unparalleled ambiance.

Food Highlights

  • Arugula Salad: Fresh and flavorful, perfect for starting the meal.
  • Crispy Mushrooms & Artichokes: Served with dipping aioli, these appetizers set a high standard.
  • Shaved Ribeye Sandwich: A must-try, served on charred garlic bread with au jus.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie with Salted Caramel Ice Cream: A delightful end to the meal.
  • Yukon Gold Potato Puree: A creamy and comforting side dish.


The restaurant’s atmosphere is nothing short of ethereal. The high glass-top ceilings, hanging chandeliers, and lounge sofa and chair seating create an inviting space.

The checkered floors and black lounge chair seating on the south side add to the elegance. Whether for a romantic date, celebrating a milestone, or simply enjoying a good glass of wine, RH Rooftop Restaurant provides an exceptional setting.

Bottom line: RH Rooftop Restaurant West Palm is a gem in West Palm Beach, FL, offering an exquisite blend of fine dining and a breathtaking atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot for those seeking a memorable dining experience with great food, wine, and ambiance.

Location: 560 Okeechobee Blvd West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Rhythm Cafe

Rhythm Cafe in West Palm Beach, FL, offers a remarkable dining experience that combines delicious food, excellent service, and a unique atmosphere. This hidden gem provides a memorable meal under a beautiful tree, an emblem of its charming setting.

Food Highlights

  • Klip King Panko-crusted fish: A standout main course
  • Apple crisp and Heath bar desserts: Exceptional sweet treats
  • Bahamian seafood chowder: A flavorful start to the meal
  • Carrot and ginger soup: A warm, inviting option
  • African pineapple peanut stew: An innovative and tasty dish
  • Wienerschnitzel: Perfectly prepared and delicious
  • Dennis chocolate buttercream layer cake: A melt-in-your-mouth dessert


The cafe boasts a low-key, funky atmosphere with decor reminiscent of an old drugstore, adding to its eclectic charm. The intimate yet unpretentious setting, adorned with art by local artists, makes for a warm and welcoming environment.

Bottom line: Rhythm Cafe excels daily, offering delicious food in a fun retro setting with top-notch service. Whether you’re there for a regular dinner or a special wine dinner event, the experience is always worth the visit for its classic yet unique offerings and the professional, efficient, and friendly staff.

Location: 3800 S Dixie Hwy West Palm Beach, FL 33405