10 Must-Have Travel Items

No matter the destination, it’s essential to pack essential travel items. Whether you’re looking to explore a new city or visit family for the holidays, packing essential items will make your journey much more enjoyable. Here are 10 must-have travel items that will help make your trip easier and more comfortable!



Good pair of shoes

You got to have a great pair of comfortable shoes, especially if you’re traveling on foot. You don’t want to be stressed about your feet hurting or being uncomfortable while exploring the city!

Universal portable charger with multiple ports

A portable charger is essential in cases where you’ll be out exploring for several hours. You never know when your phone’s battery will die, so having a universal power bank with multiple ports or high-capacity batteries ensures that there are fewer worries about running out of juice!

International sockets may also be different from the ones back home, so make sure you’ve got a universal one.


If you’re the type who likes to chill out and relax while traveling, headphones are a must. Whether it’s listening to music or watching a movie on your laptop, having a good pair of noise-canceling ones will make sure that your travel experience is more enjoyable!

Travel pillow

A neck pillow can be essential if you plan to travel for several hours or longer. They make sleeping on the plane, train, or bus much more comfortable or easier. If you’re logging in a lot of hours just getting to places, invest in a good travel pillow.

Water bottle with a filtration system

It’s important to stay hydrated on the go and bringing a reusable water bottle will make sure you can drink clean and fresh water. If you feel like drinking tap water when traveling to other countries, having a filter in your bottle ensures that the water is clean.

This handy item is also perfect for those who like to travel outdoors. It might be hard to find clean water where you’re going and having a water bottle with a filtration system is a life-saver.

ID or passport

If you’re traveling, make sure to bring essential travel documents like your passport and ID. These will help you get through customs and security faster! And having a means for identification is just a no-brainer.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is vital if you’re traveling outside of your country. You never know when an emergency or illness will occur, so you have to have the proper coverage in place before leaving. Better be safe than sorry and prepare for everything that might happen.

Travel-sized toiletries

Having travel-sized toiletries help in the eternal packing problem and for a hassle-free trip. From shampoo and conditioner to lotion, it’s best to have all the necessities packed in small containers so that weight or space isn’t an issue! You can also reuse this toiletry kit on your next trips!

Disinfection pack

Given the times we have now, it’s a necessity to have a disinfection pack on hand. This could include alcohol, hand sanitizers, extra masks, tissues, just to name a few. Even if you’re staying in clean places like hotels or hostels they can sometimes carry germs! It’s better to be safe than sorry, so pack essential disinfection items!


Make sure that rain or shine, the adventure can continue! So before leaving the house, pack up an umbrella or a raincoat so you don’t get stuck inside on a rainy day. This is especially important if you’re traveling in a country with unpredictable weather. Stay safe and dry with your handy dandy umbrella!



There are so many things you could pack on your trip, but these are just some of the things you shouldn’t miss. Keep these in mind for a worry-free adventure!