15 Interesting Things to do in Port Clinton, Ohio

Port Clinton is a city on the western side of the state of Ohio, located on Lake Erie. It is also known as “A Good Place to Be.”

The first things that come into mind when people think about Port Clinton are probably things like beaches, clear blue skies, and boating. Being a port city, there are so many things to do in the water. Tourism is a big part of the city’s economy so expect a lot of options for ferry rides, cruise tours, and even fishing spots.

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However, there are things to do in Port Clinton that are not related to water sports. Explore more of them on our list below. Here are 15 things you can do in Port Clinton, Ohio!

Visit the Lake Erie islands

lake erie island

The first thing that comes to mind when people think about Port Clinton are beaches, clear blue skies, and water sports.

One of the most popular things to do is taking a boat ride out to Put-in-Bay or South Bass Island. There you will find historic lighthouses, wineries, art galleries, and small shops selling all kinds of souvenirs.

If boating is not your thing, then you can choose to rent a golf cart and tour the island on land.

Visit the Butterfly House

butterfly house Port Clinton (1)
butterfly house Port Clinton (1)

The Ohio Butterfly House in the Port Clinton area is the perfect way to explore and learn more about butterflies.

Its tropical environment is home to over 100 different kinds of butterflies, many of which are rare and endangered.

Visitors can also enjoy a butterfly garden and even buy some food for the resident hummingbirds.

You can find the Butterfly House inside Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center in Put-in Bay, Ohio.

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Take a hike through the sand dunes

There is a state park called Marblehead Peninsula that has acres of untouched sand dunes perfect for hiking and exploring. Pack some snacks and drinks and enjoy an afternoon of walking among these beautiful natural structures.

The view offers sites such as Lake Erie and downtown Sandusky and it’s certainly something worth doing.

Visit Cedar Point Amusement Park

cedar point park
cedar point park

One of the things to do in Port Clinton is visiting amusement parks and who doesn’t like amusement rides?

Cedar Point is one of the most famous amusement park attractions in the whole country. It has rides for everyone, from the very scary ones to small kid-friendly rides. It also has a water park, hotels, and restaurants. The food is actually quite good.

This is a great destination for families if you’re looking for something to do that includes amusement park rides!

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Visit Put-in-Bay Winery

Put-in-Bay wineries are located on South Bass Island, one of the many islands you can explore nearby.

The wineries are perched on the edge of Lake Erie and things like wine tasting or souvenir shopping are some of the things you can do. Put-in-bay wineries are small, yet charming.

You can also enjoy things like mini-golf and the historic Put-in-Bay Lighthouse at this destination.

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Kelley’s Island State Park

Photo: Susan R.

One of the best things about Port Clinton is that there are so many places to unwind and get away from it all.

Leave your worries away and come explore Kelley’s Island State Park.

Some of the things you can do in Kelley’s Island State Park are camping, biking, or picnicking. The hiking trails are world-class with things like waterfalls, wildflowers, and what is known as the most beautiful cave in Ohio.

You can explore all of this and even rent a canoe if you want to explore the park’s deep waters.

There are several wineries on Kelley’s Island that offer things like wine tours or souvenirs such as wine glasses and shirts, etc.

When you’re done exploring Kelley’s Island, you can head to the mainland via ferry or drive.


Visit Liberty Aviation Museum

liberty aviation museum
Photo: Patrick S.
tin goose diner
Tin Goose Diner Photo: Bobby Y.

Located near the Erie Ottawa International Airport, the Liberty Aviation Museum has a lot of unique things to explore.

It includes things like a space exhibit, things from World War II, and even things you can fly in! It has a military section with a collection from World War. They also have lifelike replicas of tanks, vintage planes, and so many memorabilia.

For those who love things that fly, the Liberty Aviation Museum is an ideal place for things to do in Port Clinton.

Top Review: “Fantastic adventure! There are so many relics and history to take in. A lot to read and enjoy. I recommend setting aside a few hours or planning on several visits to truly enjoy yourself. The B-25 was definitely the highlight!” – Kimberly H.

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Monsoon Lagoon Water Park

If you’re traveling with your kids and have had enough of the beach, take them to the Monsoon Lagoon Water Park!

This Port Clinton water park also doubles as a zoo, so there are lots of things to keep the little ones entertained.

The water park has four different slides perfect for both toddlers and adults. Other features in the places are a lazy river, Dump bucket, Castle themed water play structure, among others. The small zoo features giraffes, zebras, cows, and many others. They also have a food court, mini-golf, arcades, etc.

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Visit the African Wildlife Safari

african safari wildlife park
Photo: Melisa W.

The African Wildlife Safari is home to things like zebras, giraffes, and even kangaroos!

You can not only see these animals but also feed them or even take pictures with your own camera.

The zoo is highly interactive and make sure to bring snacks for the animals if you’re interested in feeding them yourself. There are also some cute and lovable animals here like alpacas and camels who will cuddle up right next to you.

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Port Clinton Lighthouse

The Port Clinton Lighthouse is situated amongst the Lake Erie Islands which you might have heard of since it’s one of the most popular things to do in the area.

The lighthouse is a great place to explore and you can even go up the lighthouse tower for a gorgeous view of the lake.

This is also historically significant for the community. It’s one of the oldest of its kind in the Lake Erie area and has been here since 1833.

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Island Adventures Family Fun Center

putt putt at island adventures
go karting at island adventures port clinton

For things to do in Port Clinton that are family-oriented, check out the Island Adventure Family Fun Center. It features things like go-karts and even mini-golf! There is also a café here where you can grab things like funnel cakes.

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Lakeview Park

lakeview park port clinton
Photo: Joy P.
lakeview park port clinton
Photo: Joy P.

This is another downtown attraction where you can just hang out or relax. There are things like a carousel and an old-fashioned skating rink that is open in the winter months. You can also go for a boat ride or even rent a boat.

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Portage River Paddling Company

portage river paddling company
Photo: Shelby B.

If you can’t get enough of the water, the Portage River Paddling Company is an ideal place for more water sports!

Make sure you bring your sunblock, water shoes so they won’t get cut on rocks, money to rent equipment, and things like a camera to take pictures.

Watercraft rental is available throughout the year. During the summer, you can even rent things like kayaks and paddle boats.

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Miller Boatline Ferries

Miller Boatline Ferries
Photo: Jamie W.
Miller Boatline Ferries
Photo: Jamie W.

Heading to the Lake Eries Islands? The Miller Boatline Ferries takes many trips to the nearby islands.

It also features things like a museum, a café where you can get ice cream and lemonade, and more! There is also the Maritime Museum of Sandusky on board.

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