2 Wow-mazing Hidden Gem Restaurants in Bakersfield, CA To Try This Holiday Season

Bakersfield, California, is a hub of hidden culinary delights, especially during the holiday season. Amidst its sunny streets, two secret dining spots are waiting to amaze your palate. These unassuming gems offer a blend of local flavors and innovative dishes, perfect for food lovers looking for something out of the ordinary. Dive into these must-try eateries for an unforgettable holiday feast in Bakersfield!

Mango Haus

Mango Haus, a new restaurant in Bakersfield, California, has quickly become a local favorite.

Offering a blend of tropical charm and a welcoming atmosphere, it stands out with its exceptional service, unique dishes, and innovative cocktails.

Food Highlights:

  • Mango Aguachiles: A must-try, acclaimed for its delectable flavors.
  • Flautas, Mole, and Pizza: A diverse selection catering to varied tastes.
  • Tortilla Española: A healthy breakfast choice, rich in vegetables, akin to an American quiche, served with a side salad.
  • Avo Smash: A generous serving of avocado with a fresh salad.
  • Chilaquiles Rojos: A perfect balance of mild rojos spice and sweet mango bits, topped with pickled veggies and two over-medium eggs.

Mango Haus boasts a tropical and charming ambiance, complete with pleasant Spanish music and a fresh, airy feel. The decor is appealing, creating an ideal spot for relaxation and socializing.

Customer service is a standout feature, with attentive and friendly staff ensuring a memorable experience. The restaurant is also noted for its ample parking, although it can fill up quickly during peak times.

Mango Haus is a hidden gem in Bakersfield, offering a delightful mix of delicious food, unique drinks, and a captivating atmosphere. Whether you’re a long-time resident or just passing through, Mango Haus is a spot worth visiting.

700 Truxtun Ave Bakersfield, CA 93301

Alpine Pastries

Alpine Pastries is a very charming bakery in Bakersfield, California. They’ve been delighting customers for over 30 years with their exquisite pastries. Situated at the corner of Schirra Court and Mexicali Drive, this bakery stands out with its A-frame structure in an industrial area, making it a true hidden gem.

Despite its unassuming location, Alpine Pastries offers a range of delectable bakery items and an atmosphere of warm, friendly service, ensuring a memorable experience for all who visit.

Food Highlights

  • Eclairs, cinnamon rolls, and cheesecakes
  • Custom-ordered cookies, perfect for events like Oktoberfest
  • Seasonal gingerbread houses, a tradition cherished for over 25 years
  • A variety of pastries including custard-filled, cream-based, and fruit-flavored options
  • Specialty items like lemon tart pies, rum balls, and cookies with ground almonds and dried cranberries

Alpine Pastries boasts a cozy and simple ambiance, characterized by a single room with a counter displaying an array of pastries. The bakery exudes a homely feel, enhanced by the friendly and humorous staff, reminiscent of a beloved family member. The bakery operates with limited hours, closing at 3 PM, but the unique experience and delicious offerings make it well worth a visit.

Customers often find themselves drawn to this bakery while exploring the area or even during trips to nearby attractions like Sequoia and Kings National Parks. The quality of the pastries is consistently high, with a perfect balance of sweetness, texture, and freshness.

Prices are reasonable, and the bakery accepts credit cards for convenience. With no frills or additional amenities like bathrooms, Alpine Pastries focuses solely on what it does best – creating mouth-watering pastries that leave a lasting impression.

7070 Schirra Ct Ste 100 Bakersfield, CA 93

As you bid farewell to Bakersfield, cherish the memories of the unique tastes and warm welcomes from its hidden dining gems. These spots, with their blend of local and innovative flavors, have added a special savor to your holiday. Remember to revisit and spread the word about these culinary treasures on your next trip to Bakersfield!