The BEST Bakeries in Little Rock, Arkansas

20 bakeries that will make your taste buds dance

If you’re in the mood for some delicious baking, then you’ll want to check out one of these amazing bakeries in Little Rock, Arkansas!

From cookies and cakes to pies and pastries, these bakeries have something for everyone.

And with so many delicious options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect treat for any occasion.

So whether you’re looking for an indulgent dessert or a simple snack, be sure to visit one of these bakeries the next time you’re in Little Rock. You won’t be disappointed!

The Humble Crumb

Beginning our list of irresistible bakeries in Little Rock, Arkansas, is none other than The Humble Crumb!

The homely bakery is a rapidly growing business garnering popularity for their savory cinnamon rolls.

The Humble Crumb also provides breakfast plates for a tasty and nutritious head start for the day.

Menu: The Humble Crumb Menu

Top Review: This place has been a slowly evolving business from serving cinnamon rolls out of their home to a restaurant open a few days a week. But don’t be fooled, this has been one of the best additions to Sherwood is quite some time. Everything I have had here has been excellent. The chicken salad sandwich is one of the best I have had.Tom A.

110 Loop Rd, Sherwood, AR 72120, (501) 251-4186

Morningside Bagels

Morningside Bagels has been serving up quality New York style breakfasts for Little Rock since 2006.

Try their Lox bagel for a wholesome and hearty treat, complete with whatever sandwich ingredients seem fitting.

One delicious combo Morningside Bagels offers is the cranberry bagel with strawberry schmeer.

Menu: Morningside Bagels Menu

Top Review: “If you come to Maumelle before noon, this place is a must. Best bagels ever. And all the extra treats they have every morning, sometimes they have crustless quiche, sometimes creamy potato soup, sometimes is something else but it is always delicious. You can never go wrong with them.”Liliana A.

10848 Maumelle Blvd, North Little Rock, AR 72113; (501) 753-6960

Mylo Coffee Co.

Sustainability, hard work and quality are some of the revered values that are carefully adhered to at Mylo Coffee Co..

One of their unique and delightful pastries are their chewy and sweet mochi donuts.

An almond croissant, on the contrary, is light, flaky, and a perfect compliment to almost any meal.

Menu: Mylo Coffee Co. Menu

Top Review: “Staff was so friendly and helpful. We were just passing through Little Rock and this made our day. Besides that the drinks were very good. The speciality drinks lived up to the flavors described and they weren’t too sweet either. It looks like there’s also tons of seating and outlets if you’re that kind of person.”Sandy N.

2715 Kavanaugh Blvd, Little Rock, AR 72205; (501) 747-1880

Hurts Donuts

One particular chain that’s taking the nation by storm is Hurts Donuts. Focused on creating quality specialty donuts, the establishment has been growing from its humble beginnings in 2013.

One of their 70+ options is the creamy and refreshing Andes donut. If one is not enough, fear not! The Dirty Dozen reveals a whole world of flavor as soon as one opens the box.

Menu: Hurts Donuts Menu

Top Review: “This place is very unique if you like donuts and are in the downtown area. It is adjacent to the Civil Axe and a club which is great for a small business. It’s a 24hr donut shop.  The only reason why I gave a 4 is because no vegan or gluten-free options.  Everyone else in the group enjoyed a dirty dozen.”Yas D.

107 E Markham St, Little Rock, AR 72201; (501) 916-9201

Cinnamon Cream Bakery

Craving something soft and sweet? Cinnamon Creme Bakery might be just the right place to stop by!

As the name implies, their cinnamon rolls are delightfully creamy and are definitely worth a taste.

That being said, the Bakery has many other varieties of baked goods to choose from, such as apple fritters and donuts.

Menu: Cinnamon Creme Bakery Menu

Top Review: “Hands down the BEST donuts I’ve ever had. Also, everything here is HUGE– the cinnamon rolls, donuts, other pastries can easily be split between 2-3 people. Their prices are also incredible!! The photos don’t do it justice! The only bummer is they have some weird hours, but try to get in on a Saturday morning if you can!”Taylor T.

17200 Chenal Pkwy, Little Rock, AR 72223; (501) 821-0002

Dempsey Bakery

Dempsey Bakery, best Bakeries in Little Rock, Arkansas
Very charming building design Photo: Joanna M.

Food allergies can make going out to eat challenging, especially at bakeries.

Que Dempsey Bakery and their allergen-free assortment of sweets and goodies!

One of their goods to die for is their Death by Chocolate Lava Cake. Dempsey Bakery also bakes a scrumptious variety of cakes for occasions of all sorts: weddings, birthdays, and anything else that warrants a sweet tooth!

Menu: Dempsey Bakery Menu

Top Review: “We stopped by the Dempsey bakery after trying the gluten free hamburger buns they make for Big Orange.   We are so glad we stopped.  The owner was lovely and has a great variety of items which were marked for most major allergies.  We tried the tiramisu which was gluten and dairy free and is amazing. My husband tried the Apple dairy and gluten free cupcake and said it was delicious.   A great find for people with allergies looking for a treat.”Joanna M.

323 S Cross St, Little Rock, AR 72201; (501) 375-2257

Hill Crest Little Bakery

Based in Little Rock and founded to bake greatness is Hillcrest Little Bakery. As a flourishing part of the historic Hillcrest area, the bakery has a lot (of baked goods) to offer Little Rock and the world.

Their selection of mouth watering cakes include but are not limited to carrot cake, cheesecake and chocolate cake.

Hillcrest Little Bakery also boasts their homemade pop tarts, complete with all kinds of toppings.

Menu: Hillcrest Little Bakery Menu

Top Review: “This has become my weekend go-to for breakfast after a walk in War Memorial Park. It seems to be packed during all pre-noon hours but I can usually find a place at the bar to sit by myself. I have only had the biscuits because they are amazing and buttery and flaky (maybe a little too flaky, I have to eat them with a fork) and melt in your mouth. The pancakes and breakfast bowls look delicious and I will get to them as soon as I make it through the biscuit options. The Fancy was great flavor but a little light on the dig. The bacon, egg and cheese was just perfect. Looking forward to trying many many more things here.”Jessica C.203 N Van Buren St, Little Rock, AR 72205; (501) 747-4960

Mugs Cafe

Mugs Cafe, best bakery in little rock, bakeries near me
Mugs Cafe has pastries, scones and cookies Photo: Mugs Cafe

Mugs Cafe strives every day to take their coffee to the next level, but hot bean juice isn’t the only thing they sell.

Their blueberry pie bar makes for a pleasant treat any time, and their apple cinnamon pancakes are perfect for starting your day with flavor.

Menu: Mugs Cafe Menu (Location 1); Mugs Cafe Menu (Location 2) 

Top Review: “Just stopped in for a coffee, so can’t speak to the food.  I ordered a specialty hot drink, a Gingerbread Latte, and asked that they only use about half of the flavoring. I just don’t like my coffee to be overwhelmingly SWEET. They made it perfectly, and I sat and enjoyed the atmosphere, out of the cold.  Quiet, calm, and welcoming.  Seemed like a great place.”Wanda H.

Location 1: 515 Main St, North Little Rock, AR 72114; (501) 379-9101

Location 2: 5719 Kavanaugh Blvd, Little Rock, AR 72207; (501) 503-5958

SugarDumplin’s Cupcakes

Photo: Jeff C.

SugarDumplin’s Cupcakes is a family owned and operated bakery that works for their community in Bryant, Arkansas.

Their award-winning menu includes wedding cakes, cookies, and of course, cupcakes! Stop by today if you’re in the mood for something sweet.

Menu: SugarDumplin’s Cupcakes Menu

Top Review: “They have never let me down.  Love their cupcakes and cookies.  I will say, that from my personal perspective, that when I first looked at the cookies, I thought they would not be good as they are not visually pleasing.  Not sure why- they just look like they are missing something color-wise.  But when I ate them, they were great.  The cinnamon rolls are a real treat too- I bought the 6 pack to share… well, by the time the kiddos got home from school, there was nothing left to share.”Jon H.

5407 AR-5 #12, Bryant, AR 72022; (501) 952-3472

Old Mill Bread Bakery and Cafe

Old Mill Bread Bakery & Cafe has been providing fresh, natural, and delicious loaves since 1992 in the center of Arkansas.

Their bread is made fresh every morning and is complete with wholesome fruits and nuts. Celebrate the important times in life by indulging in their custom cakes.

Menu: Old Mill Bread Bakery & Cafe Menu

Top Review: “So glad we stopped by to pick up breakfast on our way out of Little Rock! We ordered breakfast sandwiches, (fluffy eggs are made fresh!!) scones, and their famous cinnamon rolls. They were so kind and gave us a slice of their toasted and buttery, orange cranberry toast while we waited for our breakfast sandwiches. We loved the bread so much that we bought some before we left. 🙂 Their baked products are so tasty!! PS- If you warm up the cinnamon rolls and slather on the buttery icing they will taste fresh out of the oven!”Lizzy O.

12111 W Markham St Ste 366, Little Rock, AR 72211; (501) 228-4677

Sweet Stuffed

To die for Turtle Cheesecake Photo: Sweet Stuffed

Sweet Stuffed began as a small bakery in Little Rock and was established in 2015.

The owner, Brittany Roy is very passionate about baking, and it shows. She has been baking for over 15 years and has several specialties. Her main specialty however, are her famous cheesecakes.

Menu: Sweet Stuffed Menu

Top Review: “Okay, Sweet Stuffed is better than 5 stars. Recently, there was a death in my family who live in Little Rock – I live in Los Angeles. I wanted to send a coconut pie to my family and did a quick search and found Sweet Stuffed. They went above and beyond with a beautiful card and hand-delivered the pie. This is in addition to the pie that was beyond delicious and I received rave reviews about how good the pie is. Simply put – sweet stuffed is the bakery you should be going to.”Bethany J.

7415 Colonel Glenn Rd Suite #29, Little Rock, AR 72204, (501) 291-1754

Blue House Bakery & Cafe

Photo: Blue House Bakery

They Bluse House Bakery & Cafe is a wonderfully quaint bakery in nearby Bryant, Arkansas.

Aside from the many baked goods, they also serve a variety of coffees, as well as breakfast and lunch.

We recommend trying their warm and soft cinnamon rolls, you will not regret!

Menu: Blue House Bakery Menu

Top Review: “Great breakfast and coffee! This is such a cute place to have a wonderful start on your day! Reminds me of a hallmark movie cafe” – Mary D.

4000 Highway 5 N Suite 3 Bryant, AR 72022, (501) 943-7372

Cabot Cafe and Cake Corner

The Cabot Cafe and Cake Corner is always a pleasant place to stop by in case of a sweet tooth. This establishment has treats for every occasion, such as birthday cakes.

Menu: Cabot Cafe and Cake Corner Menu

Top Review: “Small little place in cabot, very nice owner. I love to support the small takes a lot to compete against the big places. Breakfast is amazing , lunch is all ways on the healthy side and good. I would Same the only down fall would be the place smells Like Bacon, Others would love it. The cakes she makes are Allways on time and delicious, very moist . And if you forgot to pick the cake up she will call you and remind you to pick it up. She also has the cup cakes and some times other desserts!”Chris M.

17200 Chenal Pkwy, Little Rock, AR 72223; (501) 821-0002

Blue Cake Honey Pies

Any occasion calling for a lovely customized cake can be taken to Blue Cake Honey Pies, a family owned business that has been making cakes from scratch since 2005.

One of their specialty desserts, the Possum Pie, has been tried and loved by guests from all over. Sampler pies are also on the menu for a sweet and creamy escapade.

Menu: Blue Cake Honey Pies Menu

Top Review: “I really like this cute little place.   I’ve been a few times lately to meet for coffee.  They have updated it and have a lot more sweets and options.   I got the cappuccino which was so good, I got a second to go.  They have Blue Cake Co petit fours which were delicious and the cookies are good too.   I love that they have a corner with games for kiddos to keep my little one busy.  It’s not ever super busy when I go so I hope they stay around.   It’s one of my favorites for a coffee date or a sweet treat.   They have free wi-fi too!”Kelsey E.

Location 1: 315 N Bowman Rd #14, Little Rock, AR 72211; (501) 868-7771

Location 2: 6800 Cantrell Rd, Little Rock, AR 72207; (501) 868-7771

Two Sisters Cafe

For almost 20 years, the people at Two Sisters Cafe have been working tirelessly to provide great food and great catering to Arkansas.

Their wedding cakes are beautiful, delicious, and perfect to celebrate the romantic times in life.

For more casual consumers, the Ding Dong cake is sure to cure any sweet tooth.

Menu: Two Sisters Cafe Menu

Top Review: “Two Sisters Cafe did an amazingly beautiful job on our wedding & groom’s cakes! We showed them pictures of our cakes we wanted and they did not disappoint!! The cakes were perfect and the taste was delicious!! We highly recommend Two Sisters!! Thank you so much for making our day special!!”Leanne V.

3140 E Kiehl Ave, Sherwood, AR 72120; (501) 351-4289

El Torito

Conchas at El Torito, best bakeries in Little Rock AR
Conchas! Photo: Julie N.

Serving up the most authentic Mexican food in Little Rock, Arkansas, is none other than El Torito.

What better way to experience classic Mexican baked goods than their fluffy and sweet conchas?

The many loaves of bread at El Torito are baked to perfection and lower in price than many rival bakeries.

Menu: El Torito Menu

Top Review: “We visited the market/bakery portion of the restaurant. They have lots of variety of pantry items, meats, and cheese. They also have a large selection of baked goods. The prices are also very reasonable, especially on the baked goods. The prices on the baked goods are much cheaper than you would get at most speciality dessert places. We did not try the restaurant this time, but will definitely go back and check it out!”Molly B.

303 S Bowman Rd #310, Little Rock, AR 72211; (501) 224-0444


Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery is a nationwide bakery chain that offers big flavor.

Their gourmet cupcakes have garnered them recognition far and wide. Their specialty smash cake makes for a great way to celebrate wins both big and small.

Menu: Smallcakes Menu

Top Review: “The atmosphere is so great and the energy of the employees is contagious.  Not to mention the cupcakes are made fresh every day and you can tell!!! They are SO GOOD!! You will not be disappointed… get at least 6 cupcakes so you can try multiple flavors. I must say my favorites are Strawberry and Lemon (in that order)!’!!” – Ursula T.

4909 Hwy 5 N Bryant, AR 72546, (501) 943-7277

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