13 of The BEST Ramen Spots in Dallas

Ramen is the perfect dish when it’s cold out, or you’re sick and need that comforting dish to cheer you up.

Good news for you, Dallas has many ramen options to blow your socks off.

Each one takes exceptional care of each ingredient that goes into your bowl. And you’ll find many spots with that welcoming and friendly vibe you want from a restaurant.

So whether you’re looking for authentic flavors or something a little different, we’ve got it here.

Here are 13 of the best ramen restaurants in Dallas.

Wabi House

Exquisite bowl of Shoyu Ramen Photo: Mary D.

Wabi House is a local Dallas favorite. They have a fantastic vibe, friendly staff, and satisfying Japanese meals.

Their ramen options are tonkatsu, shoyu, and spicy miso. They also have a veggie option for those who want it. You can also add snacks like karaage fried chicken, takoyaki, and fried shiitakes.

What they recommend is the spicy miso ramen. It’s got those traditional flavors with a few unique twists.

Menu: Wabi House Menu

Top Review: This is such a cute little Ramen restaurant! I love the ambiance and the food is really good too! I always get the Tonkotsu. The Chashu literally just melts in the mouth! It’s quite a drive from where I live but it’s worth it every time!Manisha M.

1802 Greenville Ave #100, Dallas, TX 75206, (469) 779-6474


Tantalizing Tonkatsu Photo: Amanda J.

Tei-An isn’t too expensive but isn’t the cheapest spot on our list.

It’s perfect for date nights, special occasions, or you want to treat somebody. The ambiance is excellent and will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

This ramen restaurant is the brainchild of famous Dallas chef Teiichi Sakurai. Their noodles are made fresh in-house daily, and they’re known for their Japanese soba noodles.

Try one of their cold noodles for an entirely different ramen experience. As for their hot bowls, they do excellent tonkatsu ramen.

Top Review: “The star of the show here is the ramen. I’ve had world-class ramen in Chicago and Hawaii and the ramen at Tei-An is comparable. Better than Wabi House, better than Tatsu-Ya in Austin. Also relatively affordable at $12 considering the price of everything else and the ambiance you get to enjoy with your ramen.” Dylan B.

1722 Routh St Ste 110 One Arts Plz Dallas, TX 75201, (214) 220-2828

TEN Ramen

Spicy lobster miso ramen. Yes, please! Photo: Andrew N.

TEN ramen is from the same person behind Tei-An, and they’re a gem in the city.

You’ll find TEN ramen in a cozy stand-up bar spot in Sylvan Avenue. The shop gives off a hole-in-a-wall vibe.

There are no seats inside, and you slurp your ramen on a bar counter. It’s not the type of place you can lounge about after you finish your meal because of the setting.

Photo: Shane

The shop is definitely unique, but so many people swear by their ramen, so we think it’s worth it. They offer authentic Japanese flavors with cool menu items like spicy lobster ramen.

Make sure to also get their chashu or pork belly slices.

Top Review: “Definitely the best ramen I have ever had. Have been to others but Ten’s Sonkutsu is above and beyond. The broth has a flavor profile from the moon, and the chasu, is on another level as well, almost otherworldly. I have had ramen in MULTIPLE places but this is how I test the others. None have toppled it yet. At this point, it’s Ten for life!”Charles S.

1888 Sylvan Ave Ste F 100 Dallas, TX 75208, (972) 803-4400

Maru Ramen

Spicy tonkatsu ramen Photo: Intarat S.

Maru Ramen calls itself an Asian noodle house with many unique takes on traditional dishes.

They’ve got a minimalist and clean vibe inside. All the more to shock you with all the flavor-packed in their food.

They have an extensive menu of Asian food like pork buns, takoyaki, and gyoza. But the real star of this spot is their ramen.

It comes with chashu or pork belly with soft-boiled egg and many toppings.

Some of their bestsellers are the tonkatsu ramen and the miso ramen.

Menu: Maru Ramen Menu

Top Review: “Super delicious! I highly suggest getting their shoyu. I usually prefer tonkatsu but their shoyu is far superior. I would come back in a heartbeat! If you’re just getting into ramen, come here and get the shoyu!Kally T.

400 N Greenville Ave Ste 26 Richardson, TX 75081, (972) 792-8888

Ramen Hakata

Kimchi Ramen y’all Photo: Alan G.

Ramen Hakata aims to bring you the authentic flavors of Japanese ramen right here in Dallas. They have several locations in the city, with the original in Addison.

The OG spot is cozy with an open kitchen, so you can watch the magic happen.

They offer the usual ramen bases — beef, chicken, pork, and fish — with several types of ramen to choose from those bases. Traditional flavors like miso ramen and tonkotsu ramen are done well here.

Any ramen lover will be more than satisfied with those. But if you’re looking for something different, try their Kimchi ramen or spicy garlic ramen.

Come to this cozy ramen spot the next time you’re in Dallas!

Menu: Ramen Hakata Menu

Top Review: “Multiple different vegetarian options and a list of customizations to choose from, make Ramen Hakata one of my favorite restaurants to visit whenever I’m in Dallas.   Delicious dishes,  reasonable prices, and a full- team approach to servicing every table.” – Kymberlee D.

3720 Belt Line Rd Ste 3714 Addison, TX 75001, (972) 247-2401

Ichiro Ramen Shop

On point! Photo: Mary D.

This next ramen spot is a hidden gem and is slowly becoming the next local favorite.

Ichiro Ramen Shop is a relatively newer restaurant with minimalist decor and a no-frills setting.

Don’t let that fool you because their ramen is authentic and absolutely delicious.

Ichiro’s is pretty casual, and the price is affordable. Their ramen delivers on taste, and many have said that the flavors are always on point.

You also can’t beat the value for money for these dishes.

They have other menu items, but you should try their spicy miso ramen.

Menu: Ichiro Ramen Shop Menu

Top Review: “My pick for the best ramen in town, and the best Karaage. Flavor here is on point for the Spicy Miso…Pork is the best in town they give a good sear and it melts in your mouth. Service is always prompt and takeout doesn’t disappoint either. They also have very fair prices, which is not the same I could say for other joints in Dallas.”Dave G.

4906 Maple Ave Dallas, TX 75235

Oni Ramen

Photo: Mo S.

If you like your ramen spicy, this next spot is the one for you. Oni Ramen has two locations in the DFW area.

They’re known for their spicy ramen options or their “demon spiced” broths. They have miso, tonkotsu, assari, and vegetarian bases.

If you’re not a spicy fan, you can still get their mildest option. You can try Kyushu tonkotsu ramen or vegetarian ramen.

For every bowl, you can choose from 1 to 5 spice levels. Their spiciest is the Oni Reaper ramen which is also a bestseller. Another option is their spicy garlic chicken broth, the Tokyo Black.

Menu: Deep Ellum Menu

Top Review: “I absolutely love this place! I’ve only been there once but I love me some ramen and this might be the best ramen I’ve tasted in Dallas. It may not be super traditional but their recipe has been well thought out. Instead of the slider pork you get little chunks of pork belly that are so tender and add some depth to the soup.”Julio R.

2822 Elm St Dallas, TX 75226, (469) 620-2162

Monta Ramen

Monta Ramen Dallas Texas
Photo: Kenneth B

Monta Ramen comes from Las Vegas and features traditional ramen flavors.

The shop itself is decorated like an authentic Japanese restaurant, complete with a greeting when you enter. It’s cozy and worth stopping by.

They offer rich broths, al dente noodles, and braised pork belly. Their standout menu items are the tonkatsu ramen and the shoyu ramen.

Aside from that, you should also give the Kuro ramen a try. It has a pork broth base, chashu, and black garlic oil to give it that black color.

Menu: Monta Ramen Menu

Top Review: “We eat here regularly. It is always great inside or takeout. We love the Spicy Tonkatsu sub thick noodles and then adding a bunch of egg, corn, etc. This five star review is based on about 15 visits . So comforting and always tastes as great as the last time. Service is always good too.”Alexandria P.

800 N Coit Rd Ste 2550B Richardson, TX 75080, (469) 330-7777


The Gyu Don Photo: Kim T.

Hanabi Ramen is a Japanese ramen and Izakaya restaurant with two locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

This ramen restaurant is a solid choice for any ramen lovers out there. They have several veggie options, but their bestseller is their seafood ramen. It’s got a tonkatsu base with shrimp, squid, octopus, Japanese littleneck, oysters, and a ton of toppings.

If you can’t pick just one flavor, they offer a half and half option. You can get these combinations: tonkotsu, spicy tonkotsu, black tonkotsu, miso, kara miso, and shoyu.

They also have an extensive menu with appetizers, rice dishes, and drinks.

Menu: Hanabi Menu

Top Review: “If I could give 6 stars I would. Very authentic reminds me of ramen places in LA/Southern California. Great service, easy parking and it has a great amount of seating inside (looks small from the outside). Definitely recommend the baisen shoyu and spicy tonkatsu!”Nicole G.

3204 Camp Bowie Blvd Ste 106 Fort Worth, TX 76107, (817) 420-6703

Woodshed Smokehouse

woodshed smokehouse ramen with jalapenos
Intriguing! Photo: Woodshed BBQ

You wouldn’t think a restaurant specializing in BBQ can have one of the best ramen in the area.

Woodshed Smokehouse shows you how it’s done.

The BBQ joint is kown primarily for its meats. Their vibes are fun and energetic, with an outdoor patio and live music. But they also like to mix up their selection with Asian dishes.

Ramen lovers swear by their offering to the ramen scene. Their bowl includes pulled pork, chiles, quail egg, lime, and jalapenos.

While you’re here, don’t forget to get their ribs and lamb brisket. You won’t regret it!

Menu: Woodshed Smokehouse Menu

Top Review: “Must haves:  Hummus, Camp Bread with Pit Master Fat, artichokes, Pork Ribs, Ramen Noodles (yes! so good!)”Jim K.

3201 Riverfront Dr Fort Worth, TX 76107, (817) 877-4545

Jinya Ramen Bar

Jinya Ramen Dallas
Photo: Jinya

Jinya Ramen Bar is one of the more popular ramen spots with many locations all over the country. It started in Tokyo in 2000 and debuted in the US in Los Angeles.

Here in Dallas, it delivers the same quality it does in each location. They focus on their broth and noodles with six signature broth flavors. They also boast their 20-hour broth process that gives that richness to their broths.

Their original Jinya tonkotsu flavor was what made them famous but try their other standout dishes too. Order the chicken ramen, spicy creamy vegan ramen, or Jinya tonkotsu black.

They’ve got tons of vegetarian and gluten-free options, plus other Japanese dishes.

Menu: Jinya Ramen Menu

Top Review: “This was such an amazing meal!!! The Impossible Meat on the menu is absolutely phenomenal! Will be back again and again. The waitress was amazing and very attentive. 100 STARS!”Dwight O.

625 High Market St Ste 185 Dallas, TX 75219, (469) 248-0150

Ichigoh Ramen Lounge

Photo: Ichigoh Ramen Lounge

If you’re looking for an authentic ramen experience, try Ichigoh Ramen Lounge in Deep Ellum. Japanese chefs head this traditional Japanese restaurant, and they look at every detail of the dish.

Everything that goes into your ramen bowl is made fresh daily. Their noodles are imported from Sapporo, Japan, and aged for several days before serving.

Some of their most talked-about dishes are the spicy soboru shoyu, Ichigoh special spicy miso, and the Yuzu Shio ramen.

Menu: Ichigoh Menu

Top Review: “Super delicious. I had the “Ichigoh Special Spicy Miso”. It was loaded with flavor and goodness. The noodles were soft and delectable. I will be back.” – Kristopher H.

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