3 Special Breckenridge Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurants

Nestled in the heart of the mountainous haven of Breckenridge, Colorado, are 3 Breckenridge hole-in-the-wall restaurants waiting to be uncovered. Tucked away from the mainstream spotlight, these hole-in-the-wall treasures defy their modest exteriors, promising an unexpected feast for your taste buds. Forget the fancy façade—Breckenridge’s charm lies in these unpretentious culinary hideouts, where every bite tells a story, and the ambiance is as warm as the welcome. Get ready for a delicious journey through the quirky and flavorful side of this mountain town, where the joy of dining is as elevated as the altitude.

Downstairs At Eric’s – 1 of 3 Breckenridge Hole-in-the-wall restaurants

Hidden in the depths of Breckenridge, Colorado, Downstairs At Eric’s beckons with more than just the promise of a meal. From monstrous pizzas to baked wings that live up to the hype, Eric’s caters to every craving. As you navigate the array of bites, don’t miss the legendary ERIC’s famous wings, a crowd-pleaser that ignites taste buds with a flavorful explosion. Join the culinary revelry where food, fun, and flavor collide in the heart of Breck’s unofficial basement hub.

Location: 111 S Main St, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Food Highlights

  • ERIC’s Famous Wings
  • Monster Pizzas
  • Eric’s Double-Wide Burger


Nestled below ground, this basement bar defies the ordinary with savory delights and game-night thrills. Dive into the energetic vibe of a gastropub-meets-arcade, where TVs, tasty bites, and lively camaraderie set the stage for an unforgettable dining adventure.

Mimo Fancy Tapas – 2 of 3 Breckenridge Hole-in-the-wall restaurants

Tucked beneath the lively streets of Breckenridge, Mimo Fancy Tapas invites patrons on a culinary escapade that defies the ordinary. As locals-in-spirit navigate the snowy terrain, this below-ground haven emerges as a gem of gastronomic indulgence. With a flair for tapas, Mimo combines innovation with flavors that teleport diners from the mountains to the heart of Spain. The intimate space radiates vibes that echo the warmth of the Mediterranean, setting the stage for an exceptional dining experience.

Location: 216 S Main St Unit 4, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Food Highlights

  • Paella: A revelation in the mountains, showcasing perfection in every bite.
  • Croquetas: A crispy delight, an essential tapas experience.
  • Rabo de Toro Con Panadera (Oxtail): A savory symphony of flavors.


Descend icy steps into a cool tapas haven, where every dollar spent is an investment in an exceptional experience. From the artful mixology of Stephanie, the chemistry PhD mixologist, to Wayne’s attentive service, Mimo is a journey into savory wonders. Cozy and niche, it transports diners to Europe, making it a must-try in Breck’s culinary landscape.

Rocky Mountain Underground – 3 of 3 Breckenridge Hole-in-the-wall restaurants

Nestled in the heart of Breckenridge, Rocky Mountain Underground (RMU) seamlessly merges ski shop chic with après-ski revelry, creating a haven for those seeking adventure on and off the slopes. Furthermore, RMU stands as a testament to the mountain spirit, inviting all to revel in the adventure, both on and off the slopes.

Location: 114/112 S Main St, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Food/Drink Highlights

  • Egg White Whiskey Sour: A concoction to rival alpine elixirs.
  • Craft Cocktails: Surprisingly stellar in this casual haven.
  • Grilled Cheese Stand: Because, well, who can resist?


RMU boasts a cool, vintage ski shop vibe, a hipster’s paradise where the hardest decision is choosing between craft cocktails. The back patio, a summer sanctuary, hosts live bands and furry companions. The spacious front porch accommodates the vibrant crowd, offering a cozy escape in the heart of Main Street. With a beer selection that rivals Breck’s snowfall, RMU is where ski enthusiasts and beer aficionados converge for a memorable mountain-town experience.