Add These Hidden Gem Restaurants in McKinney, Texas on Your Next Visit

Looking to add more to your McKinney food trip? Try some of these hidden gem restaurants that might just surprise you!

Discovering hidden culinary treasures often means finding small, humble restaurants with amazing food. In McKinney, Texas, there are two spots you shouldn’t miss. Get ready to explore these hidden gems and taste some of the best food in McKinney.

The One and Only Burgers and Fries

Located in McKinney, Texas, The One and Only Burgers and Fries is a popular spot known for its delectable fare and casual atmosphere. Despite some mixed reviews, it remains a must-visit destination for burger enthusiasts in North Dallas.

Food Highlights

  • Juicy, customizable burgers: Not too fancy and deceptively simple, their burgers are highly customizable
  • Best fries in town
  • Generous portion sizes
  • Affordable prices

While some patrons rave about the flavorful burgers and abundance of free toppings, others caution against ordering milkshakes.


The service has consistently been friendly and quick for return customers. The atmosphere is also very casual and laid-back with ample seating. The One and Only Burgers and Fries continues to draw in visitors eager to indulge in its renowned fare.

1330 N McDonald St, McKinney, TX 75071

Del Sur Grill

Del Sur Grill, situated within a McKinney gas station, emerges as a hidden gem cherished by locals for its exceptional tacos and welcoming ambiance.

Food Highlights

  • Handmade tortillas
  • Flavorful fillings
  • Signature tacos like El Santo, Taco del Sur, and Campechano
  • Creamy salsa with robust flavor
  • Perfectly griddled jalapeños and avocado


Del Sur Grill has a vibrant and bustling atmosphere despite its humble location within a gas station. While the limited seating is a challenge during peak hours, the friendly staff and lively ambiance contribute to the restaurant’s charm. Patrons are greeted with warmth and hospitality, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Despite its unconventional setting, Del Sur Grill manages to create a welcoming environment where diners can savor their flavorful tacos in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

4951 Eldorado Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75070

From the savory delights of The One and Only Burgers and Fries to the vibrant flavors of Del Sur Grill, these hidden gems are a great addition to your foodie adventure. There’s a lot more to explore in McKinney, Texas, these just scratch the surface.

Next time you find yourself in McKinney, be sure to venture off the beaten path and indulge in these casual delights.