The Best Things to Do in Dublin, Ireland

With its winding cobbled streets and sprawling green parks, Dublin is a city that truly has something for everyone.

Whether you’re a history buff, an avid music lover, or simply looking to soak up some of the welcoming Irish atmosphere, here are the most fascinating things to do in this iconic European city.


Irish Whiskey Museum

One of the most popular attractions is the Irish Whiskey Museum, which offers visitors a chance to learn about the history and production of this iconic spirit.

The museum is located in a converted 18th-century townhouse, and it features a variety of interactive exhibits. Visitors can see how whiskey is made, and they can also taste some of the different types of whiskey produced in Ireland. The museum also offers tours of the Dublin Liberties Distillery, where guests can see firsthand how Irish whiskey is made. With so much to see and do, the Irish Whiskey Museum is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Dublin.

EPIC The Irish Immigration Museum

another must-visit attraction is EPIC The Irish Immigration Museum. This fascinating museum offers an in-depth look at Ireland’s long history of emigration, highlighting the struggles and successes of cultural groups from all around the world. In addition to exploring exhibits that detail everything from the Middle Passage to modern-day integration efforts, visitors can see a wide range of artworks by well-known artists such as Andy Warhol and Jean Hélion. With so much to see and learn, EPIC The Irish Immigration Museum is a must for anyone interested in truly understanding this unique country’s vibrant culture and rich history.

Kilmainham Gaol Museum

If you’re looking to explore the fascinating history and culture of Dublin, Ireland, there’s no better place to start than at the Kilmainham Gaol Museum. Located just a short drive outside of the city center, this iconic site is a must-see for any traveler looking to immerse themselves in Irish culture. At the museum, visitors can explore exhibits detailing life in Dublin over the centuries, from old advertisements and documents to paintings and more. For anyone with an interest in Irish history or architecture, the Kilmainham Gaol Museum offers a unique perspective that simply can’t be found anywhere else. 

The Little Museum of Dublin

A visit to the Little Museum of Dublin is a must for any traveler. This museum is located in a former Georgian townhouse and tells the story of Dublin through the 20th century. The museum has a collection of over 15,000 artifacts, including items from famous Irish writers, politicians, and athletes. Visitors can also learn about the city’s role in World War II and the Irish Civil War. In addition to the Little Museum of Dublin, travelers can also visit Trinity College, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the National Botanic Gardens. These are just a few of the many fascinating things to see and do in Dublin. With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that Dublin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

National Museum of Ireland

One of the highlights of any visit to Dublin is the National Museum of Ireland. With multiple location across the city, this museum offers unparalleled insights into Ireland’s rich history and heritage. From its long-standing archaeological collections to its expansive reference library and state-of-the-art theater space, there is something for visitors of all ages and interests here. And with so many locations throughout Dublin, it is easy to fit a trip to the museum into even a busy itinerary. So if you are looking for an engaging and informative experience during your time in Dublin, be sure to check out the National Museum of Ireland!

GPO Museum

One of the most interesting places to visit is the GPO Museum. The museum tells the story of the 1916 Easter Rising, when Irish rebels staged an uprising against British rule. The museum is located in the General Post Office, which was the headquarters of the rebel forces during the Rising. Visitors can see artifacts from the conflict, including weapons and clothing worn by the rebels. The museum also has a short film about the Rising, which brings the events of that fateful day to life. For anyone interested in Irish history, the GPO Museum is a must-see destination.

National Gallery of Ireland


Jameson Distillery Bow St

Teeling Whiskey Distillery

Pearse Lyons Distilerry


Grafton Street

The Famine Sculptures

St. Michan’s Church

Dublin Castle

Dublin Visitor Centre