2 Awesome Budget Friendly Restaurants to Try in Las Vegas, NV

Have you tried these two perfect budget-friendly restaurants?

Venture into the heart of Las Vegas for an unbeatable dining experience at Ellis Island Hotel, Casino & Brewery and Nacho Daddy. These gems offer delicious meals and vibrant atmospheres without the hefty price tag. Join us for a closer look at what makes these spots stand out.

Ellis Island Hotel, Casino & Brewery

Located in the heart of Las Vegas, NV, Ellis Island Hotel, Casino & Brewery offers a surprisingly budget-friendly dining experience that has garnered acclaim from locals and tourists alike. Ellis Island combines a comfortable atmosphere with hearty, well-priced meals and home-brewed beers, making it a must-visit for anyone looking for value without compromising on taste.

Food Highlights

  • Prime Rib: Served with a choice of soup or salad, and sides like mashed potatoes, fries, rice, or baked potato along with sautéed green beans. Known for its generous portions and reasonable pricing.
  • Steak and Eggs Special: Available after 10pm for $9.99, including toast and potatoes, offering a perfect blend of value and taste.
  • Fish and Chips with Onion Rings: Though not quite English style, it’s a satisfying rendition that has pleased many, including visitors from Australia.
  • Apple Pecan Salad: Features lightly candied pecans, though slightly light on apple, it’s a fresh option for those looking for a lighter meal.
  • Ellis Island Amber Ale: A light and refreshing choice, showcasing the brewery’s skill in crafting delightful beers.
Prime Rib Patrick


Ellis Island provides a cozy and relaxed setting, making it an ideal spot for both early birds and late-night diners. With its quiet lounge areas and a casino that’s just the right size, it presents a perfect backdrop for enjoying a meal or drink any time of the day.

Its proximity to key Vegas attractions, alongside conveniences like a fridge in the hotel room without extra fees, adds to its appeal.

Bottom line: Ellis Island stands as a prime choice for budget-conscious visitors to Las Vegas, offering delicious meals and drinks at unbeatable prices. Whether it’s for the prime rib, the steak and eggs special, or just to enjoy a pint of craft beer, Ellis Island ensures satisfaction without breaking the bank.

Location: 4178 Koval Ln Las Vegas, NV 89109

Nacho Daddy

After visiting Nacho Daddy in Las Vegas, NV, based on several reviews, one is immediately struck by the excellent and enjoyable service. The staff not only shows politeness but also genuine enjoyment in their roles. The restaurant itself boasts a cozy and nicely decorated interior, making guests completely comfortable.

Food Highlights

  • Carnitas Nacho & Margaritas: A delightful combination of flavors.
  • Filet Mignon Nachos & Margaritas: Upscale twist on a classic.
  • French Toast with Bacon & Coffee with Baileys: A satisfying breakfast option.
  • Thai Chicken Nachos: Thai spiced chicken with jalapeños and white queso on spinach chips.
  • Flaming Shrimp Tacos: Served with mango salsa and avocado lime salsa.
  • Vegan Chicken Nachos: A tasty option for vegans.
  • Mexican Candy Margarita: A sweet treat with a hint of spice.


Nacho Daddy presents a sports bar vibe without being overwhelmed by TVs. This creates a perfect setting for casual dining rather than romantic outings. The ambiance is inviting, with a quick seating time even for larger groups, making it an ideal spot for both spontaneous visits and planned gatherings.

The bottom line: Nacho Daddy stands as a must-visit for those seeking a budget-friendly dining experience in Las Vegas. With its extensive menu of delectable food and drinks, combined with a lively atmosphere, it offers great value for your money.

Location: 3663 Las Vegas Blvd Ste 595 Las Vegas, NV 89109