Have You Tried These 2 Finger Lickin’ Burger Spots in Montgomery, AL?

Hey Fontana! Have you tried the melt-in-your-mouth burgers at these two burger spots yet?

At 5 Points Deli & Grill, every bite is a discovery of down-home delight, from the inventive Quesadilla Burger to the beloved Love at First Bite sandwich. Just a short drive away, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar turns up the heat with their epic Fried Deviled Eggs and a Bacon Cheeseburger that’s a carnivore’s dream.

5 Points Deli & Grill

5 Points Deli & Grill is a hidden gem for burger enthusiasts! It’s a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike, promising an unforgettable dining experience with a diverse menu.

Food Highlights:

  • Grilled Cheese Burger: A unique combination of two grilled cheese sandwiches as buns, encasing a flavorful burger patty.
  • Buffalo Thai Burger: A fusion of flavors with perfectly seasoned meat, Provolone and Swiss cheese, topped with a cheese crisp and a special sauce.
  • Love at First Bite: A generous sandwich offering ample portions, featuring a tasty combination of ingredients.
  • The Killer B’s with Fries: A satisfying choice for those craving a classic burger experience.
  • Legacy Club: A thick, stacked sandwich, rich in flavors.
  • Quesadilla Burger: A creative twist on the traditional burger.
  • P.S. I Love U Sandwich: An innovative take on a classic Rachel with pastrami.


5 Points Deli & Grill offers a neat interior ambiance, enhancing the dining experience. Its proximity to ASU campus adds to its appeal.

The establishment boasts a cozy seating arrangement with comfortable booths and tables, and the staff is known for their friendliness and efficient service. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming, making it an ideal spot for both quick lunches and leisurely meals.

Bottom Line: 5 Points Deli & Grill stands as a hidden gem in Montgomery, offering a remarkable variety of burgers and sandwiches. It’s a must-visit for its unique menu items, like the peanut butter burger and grilled cheese burger.

Location: 1010 E Fairview Ave Montgomery, AL 36106

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar in Montgomery, AL, is a true hidden gem for burger enthusiasts. This bustling eatery stands out for its exceptional burgers and a vibrant atmosphere that appeals to all ages. Whether it’s a family outing or a casual meet-up with friends, Bad Daddy’s offers an experience worth reliving.

Food Highlights:

  • Parmesan Truffle Fries: Divine and unique, setting a high standard.
  • Classic All American Burger: Perfectly cooked, a messy masterpiece.
  • Fried Deviled Eggs: A standout appetizer, described as ‘epic’.
  • Bacon Cheeseburger: Featuring six full slices of crispy bacon, it’s a bacon lover’s dream.
  • Gluten-Free Options: Offers tasty gluten-free buns, catering to diverse dietary needs.
  • Milkshakes and Margaritas: Strong, well-made, with a unique touch like Black Sea salt rims.


Bad Daddy’s provides a casual and lively setting, featuring a mix of rock music and sports TVs. It’s a place where both the young and the young-at-heart can enjoy a fun dining experience. The décor is inviting, creating an ambiance that complements the flavorful menu.

Bottom Line: Why visit Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar? It’s a hidden gem that offers more than just great food; it’s an experience. From the unique Parmesan truffle fries to the bacon-loaded cheeseburger, each dish is a culinary delight. The atmosphere is upbeat and friendly, perfect for any casual gathering. This hidden gem is a must-visit for anyone in Montgomery seeking a memorable burger experience.

Location: 7755 Eastchase Pkwy Montgomery, AL 36117