3 Special Hidden Gem Restaurants To Try in Houston, Texas This Holiday Season

Houston is without a doubt, a treasure trove for foodies, especially during the holiday season. In this vibrant city, three hidden gem restaurants are creating a buzz with their extraordinary culinary offerings. These spots serve an eclectic mix of global flavors and Southern charm, promising an unforgettable dining experience. Embark on a flavor-filled journey to these must-visit Houston eateries this holiday.

Moon Rabbit

Moon Rabbit, a modern Vietnamese restaurant in Houston’s Heights area, has been turning heads with its unique take on traditional dishes. On a bustling Saturday night, this spot buzzes with energy, its modern aesthetic setting it apart from your average Vietnamese eatery.

Food Highlights:

  • Spring rolls: Basic yet satisfying.
  • Banh xeo tostada: A playful twist on traditional banh xeo.
  • Clay pot fish: Flavorful and well-prepared.
  • Shaken beef: Remarkably tender, a standout dish.
  • Salt and pepper squid: The star of the show, served with a delectable green sauce and confit garlic.
  • Thai tea crème brûlée: A delightful end to the meal.

Drinks are not to be overlooked here. The bartenders mix up classics like the old fashioned and French 75 with finesse. Patrons also rave about a custom-made mocktail, spicy with a hint of pineapple, adorned with a shishito pepper garnish.

Ca Phe Martini Long T.

Moon Rabbit offers a relaxed ambiance with low lighting, ideal for unwinding. The service is quick and friendly, adding to the overall enjoyable experience. The restaurant’s reasonable pricing, easy parking, and welcoming vibe make it a must-visit for both date nights and group dinners.

Whether you’re in for the elevated pho experience during Houston’s rainy days or to try the inventive dishes, Moon Rabbit promises an unforgettable dining experience with a side of humor and warmth.

605 W 19th St Houston, TX 77008

Little Patagonia

In Houston, Texas, Little Patagonia, a charming restaurant on Westheimer, is making waves with its Argentinian-style empanadas. This delightful eatery promises a sensory experience with its array of savory treats.

Labeling by branding the empanadas! Genius! Mindy L.

Food Highlights:

  • Argentinian-Style Empanadas: Freshly warmed, these empanadas are a visual delight, resembling pillowy bakery items. They come in various flavors like lamb, guava, and strawberry and Nutella. The lamb empanada, slightly warm, flaky, and a bit spicy, offers a feast for the senses. Its delicate, pastry-like dough makes for an inviting auditory experience.
  • Guava Empanada: A second choice for many, especially when guava cheese is unavailable. It’s filled generously with smooth guava jam, delivering a delightful taste.
  • Strawberry and Nutella Empanada: A messy yet delicious treat, often served a bit too warm, but perfect for those with a sweet tooth.
  • Specialty Coffees and Drinks: Including the Cortado, a nicely balanced espresso-based drink served in a cute to-go cup.

Little Patagonia offers a quiet and clean environment, ideal for a quick snack or a leisurely meal. The menu features a variety of empanadas – breakfast, savory, and sweet – along with specialty coffees and drinks. Each empanada is fired up upon order, ensuring they arrive hot and fresh.

The café’s uniqueness lies in stamping the type of empanada on the dough, adding an element of surprise with every bite. Little Patagonia also provides a baker’s dozen plus deal – buy one dozen empanadas, get two extra free, making it a great option for groups or a solo food adventure.

Little Patagonia is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience, perfect for those in the area, whether shopping or just looking for a delightful culinary stop. Its proximity to local hotels and clean, spacious setting makes it an easy choice for a satisfying meal or a quick coffee before heading out. Little Patagonia stands out as a must-visit spot in Houston.

5393 Westheimer Rd Ste B Houston, TX 77056

Nancy’s Hustle

Nancy Cakes! Chrislyn B.

Nancy’s Hustle in Houston, Texas, is 100% a must-visit for anyone seeking a unique dining experience. The restaurant radiates a relaxed and effortlessly cool vibe, providing a welcoming atmosphere that enhances the overall dining experience. Despite the unassuming demeanor, Nancy’s Hustle impresses with its superb menu, offering an array of delicious choices that cater to diverse tastes.

Fancy B.

Food Highlights:

  • Nancy Cakes: A warm delight, best enjoyed with melting whipped butter.
  • Burger: A classic, perfectly cooked and flavorful.
  • Lamb Tartare: Surprisingly delightful, even for those new to the dish.
  • Swordfish Pasta: A unique combination, balancing flavors skillfully.
  • Layered Crepe Cake: A pleasurable experience, with a texture that tantalizes the senses.
  • Candied Carrots, Pork and Dill Dumplings: Each dish offers a burst of unique flavors.
  • Frozen Mousse with Grapefruit/Dill/Shaved Milk Chocolate: A genius creation, not overly sweet and perfectly balanced.

The ambiance at Nancy’s Hustle is all about laid-back elegance. The low lighting and moderate noise level create an ideal setting for celebrating special occasions. The service is exceptional, with attentive staff ensuring a smooth and enjoyable dining experience.

The menu is dynamic, changing regularly to offer new culinary adventures, but the beloved Nancy cakes remain a constant. This hidden gem is so good that if you lived in Houston, you’d likely become a regular. It’s a place so loved that sharing it on social media draws unanimous praise.

2704 Polk St Houston, TX 77003

As you bid goodbye to Houston, savor the memories of the unique and diverse flavors from these hidden dining gems. Their blend of global cuisine and Southern hospitality has added a special flair to your holiday festivities. Be sure to revisit these culinary treasures on your next Houston adventure and share the experience with fellow food enthusiasts!