2 Special Hidden Gem Restaurants to Try in Rochester, NY This Holiday Season

Rochester, New York, is hiding a delicious secret or two!

Tucked away in its bustling streets are two incredible, locally-owned restaurants just waiting to wow your taste buds. These spots aren’t just about fantastic food; they’re about heart, community, and the charm of small business. Dive into these hidden gems where every bite is a story and supporting them keeps Rochester’s unique flavor alive and kicking!


In Rochester, New York, there lies a hidden gem that resonates with the charm of Paris – Roux. This French steakhouse, discovered on a rainy night, offers more than just a meal; it’s an experience that leaves an indelible mark on the heart.

Food Highlights:

  • Appetizers: Guests start their culinary journey with delectable choices like escargots bathed in garlic butter, and other tantalizing options including French Onion soup, beets, mussels, and a variety of cheese.
  • Main Courses: The steak frites are a standout, cooked to medium-rare perfection. For those seeking variety, there’s the crispy-skinned trout with potatoes and horseradish sauce, and a monkfish cassoulet in a savory red sauce with sausage and white beans.
  • Specialties: Not to be missed are the daily special salads and the shakshouka, a delightful mix with an egg nestled in the center, served with toast.
  • Desserts: Save room for the flourless chocolate cake, a rich and satisfying end to the meal.


Roux’s ambiance is a blend of dark, inviting tones and chic, vibrant decor. The intimate setting, accentuated by candlelight and the soft sound of rain, makes for a romantic and ethereal dining experience.

The service is exceptional, with staff that exudes warmth and professionalism. Reservations are recommended to secure a spot in this cozy, corner-window haven of romance.

A visit to Roux is not just about the food; it’s about the atmosphere, the service, and the memories created. Whether it’s a special girls’ weekend or a serendipitous dinner, Roux stands out as a culinary beacon in Rochester, eagerly awaiting your return.

688 Park Ave Rochester, NY 14607


Tucked away in Rochester, New York, Nosh emerges as a bustling hub for friends and food enthusiasts.

Known for its convenient online reservation system, the restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating options. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a lively, industrial chic atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for group dinners, though perhaps a bit too vibrant for intimate conversations.

Confoundingly delicious Corn Fritters! Brenda K.

Food Highlights:

  • Appetizers: Standout starters include calamari and steamed dumplings.
  • Salads: The Milk & Honey salad has received high praises.
  • Entrees: Popular choices are the Bone Marrow, Pollo Loco, cioppino, and risotto. The Korean sit-down BBQ platter and pizzas like Veggie Tales and Reggie are great for sharing.
  • Desserts: While tasty, desserts like cheesecake can be skipped in favor of their exceptional cocktails.

Nosh radiates a fun and trendy vibe, nestled in an industrial park in a burgeoning part of the city. It’s a favored destination for locals, evident from the packed crowds. The service is efficient, keeping up with the busy environment.

Guests are consistently impressed with the unique and varied cocktail menu, highlighting drinks like the chili chili, cowboy killer, troublemaker, and avispade higo. The pricing, around $100 per couple for dinner and drinks, offers value for the quality and portions provided.

While Nosh maintains a slightly higher price point, the shared dining experience and the quality of the dishes make it a worthwhile visit.

47 Russell St Rochester, NY 14607

As our tasty tour in Rochester wraps up, remember these two hidden gems are more than just eateries; they’re vibrant, beating hearts in the city’s dining scene. By choosing them, you’re not just feeding your appetite, you’re fueling local dreams and keeping Rochester’s unique taste adventure alive. So, go on, give them a visit and let every delicious bite remind you of the joy in discovering and supporting local flavors!