Don’t Sleep on These Sushi Spots in San Jose, CA!

Hey San Jose! Have you tried these sushi spots?

ROLL into the sushi scene of San Jose, CA, with a visit to Sushi Koya and Bowl K Poke & Roll. Each offers a unique dining experience brimming with flavor and hospitality. Join us for a closer look at these must-visit eateries.

Sushi Koya

Sushi Koya in San Jose, CA, has become a favorite for many, thanks to its high-quality sushi and friendly service. The restaurant provides a cozy spot for sushi lovers, with a menu full of delightful options and a rewards system that keeps diners coming back.

Despite being a bustling and somewhat noisy spot, the atmosphere adds to the charm, with the staff managing to maintain excellent service and swift food delivery.

Food Highlights

  • Bay Bridge Roll: Fish combined with tempura shrimp, delivering a crunchy and flavorful experience.
  • Tokyo Fire Roll: A rich, slightly salty roll, packed with taste.
  • Sushi Combination: Offers great value with fresh fish and perfect fish-to-rice ratio.
  • Salmon Sashimi Bowl (Sake Don): Known for its buttery, thick pieces of salmon, accompanied by well-seasoned sushi rice.


Sushi Koya boasts a vibrant atmosphere, especially on busy nights. While the waiting area is small, the overall environment is lively and welcoming. The restaurant occasionally surprises diners with complimentary miso soup, adding a warm touch to the dining experience.

Bottom line: Sushi Koya stands as a top choice for sushi in San Jose, with its delightful food options, rewarding loyalty program, and vibrant dining atmosphere. It’s the go-to spot for anyone craving high-quality sushi in a friendly and energetic setting.

Location: 2424 Almaden Rd San Jose, CA 95125

Bowl K Poke & Roll

In the heart of San Jose, Bowl K Poke & Roll serves up an impressive array of Poke bowls, sushi, and Japanese Bento Boxes. With over 15 years of experience, their chefs bring expertise from traditional Japanese cuisine to every dish.

Bowl K takes pride in its top-quality fish, sourced from vendors who also supply traditional Japanese eateries, ensuring each bite is as fresh as it is flavorful.

Food Highlights

  • Salmon Poke Bowl: A generous portion of high-quality salmon, served with fresh cucumbers and the option of spicy Magic Sauce for an added kick.
  • Chef’s Special Poke Bowl: A mix of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and spicy tuna, complemented by creamy cubes of cream cheese.
  • Spicy Tuna: Traditionally hand-rolled, mashed spicy tuna that surprises with its delicious, well-balanced flavor.
  • Sashimi and Rolls: Fresh, melt-in-your-mouth fish that showcases the quality and variety available.
  • Japanese Bento Boxes: A cooked alternative featuring a variety of traditional dishes, perfect for those who prefer their Japanese cuisine cooked.


Bowl K Poke & Roll offers a clean, welcoming interior with several tables for dine-in guests. Despite its compact size, the restaurant manages to provide a cozy dining experience, supported by helpful and friendly staff. The atmosphere is conducive to both quick lunches and relaxed dining, making it a versatile choice for any meal.

Bottom line: Bowl K Poke & Roll is a must-visit for anyone in San Jose craving authentic Poke bowls, sushi, and more. With its commitment to quality, generous portions, and friendly atmosphere, it promises a dining experience that will leave guests planning their next visit.

Location: 1780 Story Rd Unit 20 San Jose, CA 95122