The Land Between the Buns: The Best Burgers in Cleveland

Well, hold onto your taste buds, folks, because we’re diving into the world of Cleveland’s “world-famous” burgers. Now, I’m not saying Cleveland is the burger capital of the universe, but it’s definitely up there…somewhere. In a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, you might not expect burgers to steal the spotlight, but they do. We’re talking burgers so good, they make other cities jealous. So, whether you’re a local burger aficionado or a wandering food explorer, get ready to be amazed by the culinary marvels that Cleveland has to offer. Grab your bib; it’s burger time!

CleaveLand Grocers & Grill

Need to make a quick grocery trip, but it’s also lunch time? You’re in luck! Head to CleaveLand Grocers and Grill for a unique experience of shopping, dining, and puns! (No, they didn’t misspell “Cleveland” in the name.)

Double Smash Burger from CleaveLand Grocers and Grill.
Photo: Fasih H

Even if you’re not in the mood for one of their amazing burgers, there’s plenty to choose from, including wings, chicken or ribeye Philly sandwiches, and even samosas!

Menu: CleaveLand Grocers and Grill menu

Address: 13425 Snow Rd Brook Park, OH 44142

Customer review: “The best burgers in Cleveland, no contest. And the best fries too. More importantly, incredible customer service and a delightful owner who takes pride in the store. Once your order comes up, you’ll be able to sit outside of the store on some basic, but nice and very clean picnic tables that are setup with needed condiments. I can’t wait to try more of their expanded menu, like their cheesesteak and their kebabs. Come for the food but stay for the groceries, which are delicious and fresh at great prices.” –Kelli H.

Noble Beast Brewing

Want to have dinner in a warehouse? Don’t worry, its much nicer than it sounds. Founded in 2017 in an updated, century-old building, the unique atmosphere of Noble Beast Brewing is only a small part of its allure. As a brewery, they offer a wide selection of craft beers, as well as wine and cider offerings.

Their amazing burger is only a small part of their extensive menu, including a BLT, a Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese, and the tantalizingly named steak burger, The Roast Beast.

Menu: Noble Beast Brewing menu

Location: 1470 Lakeside Ave E Cleveland, OH 44114

Customer review: “Popped in and sat at the bar. Bartenders were great, and we loved all the food. Had some tasty beers as well! Dug the whole vibe here, and it was neat stop if you’re near downtown.” –Mike M.

Johnny’s Little Bar

If you’re looking for the perfect cozy pub atmosphere, look no further than Johnny’s Little Bar. Family owned and operated for over 15 years, this place is known to locals not only as a great place to sit back and watch a Brown’s game, but also as the home of one of the best burgers in Cleveland!

Photo: Mario H.

Menu: Johnny’s Little Bar menu

Location: 614 Frankfort Ave Cleveland, OH 44113

Customer review: “Oh my GOODNESS when I tell you this is the best burger joint in cleveland I am not lying. A little birdie told me that they get their burger meat from the steakhouse next door so I had to check it out with my partner. Now I’m not huge on burgers but my partner is. He absolutely fell in love with the flavor, juiciness and incredible size. The vibes at this bar were also incredible. It’s a side door off of Johnny’s steakhouse that looks just like a service entrance, but once you walk in, you’re transported into a dimly lit sports bar. You simply cannot get any better than this. The servers were amazing, and at the price point, it was so much food. Highly highly recommend!” –Vivian H.


Easily the most famous restaurant on this list, Wahlburgers is the international chain founded by Paul Wahlburg, brother of Donnie and Mark Wahlburg, and is even the subject of an entire ten-season television show on A&E.

Photo: Gabriel D.

They’re not all glitz and glam, though, they actually make a darn good burger, and they pride themselves on finding the best, most friendly, and most efficient staff possible.

Menu: Wahlburgers menu

Location: 2105 Ontario St Cleveland, OH 44115

Customer review: “The BBQ bacon burger is my favorite!! The combination of BBQ sauce and avocado are the perfect creamy combo. I ordered fries as my side, and they come out crunchy and golden. My husband ordered double our burger and fries that was very filling. The staff was extremely friendly and kind. Lisa our server made sure we were taken care of and all our needs were met. This is a place that I could eat at weekly and always leave satisfied!” –Lisa K.


Boasting fresh, never-frozen burgers since 1948, Beardens has given us 75 years of beefy goodness, wrapped up in a deliciously quaint diner atmosphere. Looking at the menu, it also appears to be the most inexpensive resteraunt on this list.

Photo: Aj W.

That doesn’t put a damper on their quality, though, as they’re well known to locals as being the home of one of the best burgers in Cleveland. Offering a wide variety of sides, milk shakes, and other entrees, there is sure to be something to please every palate.

Menu: Bearden’s menu

Location: 19985 Lake Rd Rocky River, OH 44116

Customer review: “This iconic diner is a trip down memory lane in a vintage Thunderbird!  It’s an old school burger and hot dog joint, that’s been going since 1948!  The ‘steakburgers’ are delicious, as are the sides.  They even have clam strips!  Some have complained about the prices, but unfortunately, everything has gone up since the pandemic, and restaurants have to pass along the costs in order to stay in business.  If it’s an inexpensive burger you want, you can still find a good one at Canary’s or George’s, but you can’t find a steakburger there.  Bearden’s claims a proprietary mixture of meats that gives their burger a unique flavor.  Try it, you’ll like it!” –Xela N.

So there you have it, folks – Cleveland, the unsuspecting burger mecca that has managed to sneak its way into our hearts (and waistbands). Next time you find yourself in the Land of Cleve, do yourself a favor: ditch the diet, embrace the grease, and embark on a beefy adventure that’ll leave you wondering, “Why did I ever eat salad?” Cleveland, you’ve won the burger game, and our hearts – one juicy bite at a time!

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