Pizza Paradise: The Top Pizza Spots in Cleveland, Ohio – (With Cheesy Photos)

Are you a pizza fanatic looking for the ultimate slice in Cleveland? We’ve got the best pizza joint picks that will have you shouting “Mamma Mia!”.

Whether you’re a traditionalist who craves a margherita or a daredevil who loves to try new and unusual toppings (milk and honey!), we’ve got you covered.

So grab your stretchy pants and get ready for a carb-tastic tour through Cleveland’s top pizza restaurants. Just don’t blame us if you end up in a food coma afterwards!

Buon appetito!

Il Rione

Half Diavolo/Half Green Pie Photo: Instagram: @telephonesmoothie

Il Rione is one of Cleveland’s best pizza places. It’s beloved by locals and has a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It can also be suitable for a date night with a bit of a romantic mood.

It’s a small menu here in Il Rione, but they have a great selection of cocktails, wine, and beer you can pair with their dishes.

Their pizzas all use fresh ingredients with a creative take on traditional flavors. It can go from sweet to spicy and savory, depending on what tickles your fancy.

They have a combination of flavors that’s consistent and works surprisingly well. Try their green pie, speck pie, sausage pie, or Diavolo pie.

Menu: Il Rione Menu

Top Review: “I’ll start by saying I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this place. From the moment you walk in the place is small but the atmosphere is so warm and cozy making it the perfect place for a date night or catching up with a friend. Staff is extremely friendly and service is excellent! As for the pizza wow wow wow. I am a huge pizza lover and this really takes the cake for some of the best pizza I’ve ever had and I’m surprised I found it in Cleveland, Ohio! We had the Diavolo and speck pie. The Speck Pie is amazing the hot honey mixed with the ricotta is such a good play on savory and sweet. Would 100 percent recommend it here!”Diana H.

1303 W 65th St Cleveland, OH 44102, (216) 282-1451


Crust, as per their name, delivers a good and tasty crust. But that’s not all; they have specialty pizzas slightly different from your usual pizza orders.

Visitors often recommend their Margherita pepperoni, mushroom specialty, or lemon rosemary chicken.

They’ve got more variety of flavors than that, plus they’ll give you huge slices. It’s a casual and charming spot with plenty of natural lighting and seating.

You can also order a cold beer with your pizza; what more could we want?

Menu: Crust Menu

Top Review: “Wow!  Great food and great happy hour deals!!  We had wings and a pizza but next time we’ll try the happy hour pizza slices. While our pizza was delicious, we were jealous of the pizza slices our neighbors at the bar ordered. That’s okay!  It’s a good reason to return soon!”Carol S.

2258 Professor Ave Cleveland, OH 44113, (216) 583-0257

Citizen Pie

Citizen Pie has some of the best pizzas in Cleveland, for a good reason. They offer Neapolitan-style pizzas with a thin crust and a little on the greasy side.

Its toppings are fresh, and people rave about their smoked pepperoni toppings. They also have great calzones that you should definitely order as well.

Citizen Pie has a quick and friendly service. While here, you should order the Cacio e Pepe, little Italy sausage, mushroom pizza, or smoked pepperoni.

Top Review: “It may not seem like much but this pizza shop is well worth checking out. How can you turn down waiting only 90 seconds for your pizza to cook?! – you can’t. In just 90 seconds, the pizza of your choice will cook to perfect for you to eat just as fast as it took to cook. Walking into this shop I was impressed with how fast the staff was able to take my order, spark up conversation and cook my pizza. Within a blind of an eye I was in and out of there.I got a standard pepperoni pizza and the little Italy. Both pizzas in my opinion has the right amount if sauce and the perfect amount of toppings. The sauce was not too sweet or over powering. The dough tasted fresh and the toppings were full of flavor.”Lazar V.

15710 Waterloo Rd Cleveland, OH 44110, (216) 417-2742

Edison’s Pizza Kitchen

Pepperoni heaven! Photo: Alyssa R.

If you’re looking for more traditional pizza classics, head to Edison’s Pizza Kitchen. They offer pizza by the slice, and they are huge slices.

It comes out hot and quick, but there’s not much indoor seating to talk about. What you can do is order pizza here and then get a beer in their next-door neighborhood pub, which has a comfortable vibe to it as well.

Locals recommend you go for the most classic flavor of all: pepperoni pizza. The pepperoni in this place is an icon as the toppings practically fill up the whole slice and are packed with flavor in each bite.

The toppings are also generous with their other flavors, but pepperoni trumps them all.

Top Review: “This pizza was phenomenal. The pepperoni pizza was the bomb. I really wasn’t in the mood for pizza but they sell pizza by the slice.  I was so impressed. I ate the whole darn thing. You gotta try it.”Sam M.

2373 Professor Ave Cleveland, OH 44113, (216) 298-4484


Vero is a bit of a hidden gem with a simple and unassuming facade. But inside, this cool and hip restaurant has lots of seating, friendly staff, and delicious pies.

Their menu is simple, with flavor combinations that aren’t too crazy, but it isn’t just your basic cheese pizza.

They use fresh ingredients, and they cook it in their wood-fired oven. It can be a little more expensive, but it’s well worth it.

Try their milk and honey pizza for something new. They also have locally-made gelato you should add to your order as well!

Menu: Vero Menu

Top Review: “I declare this to be the best pizza in the Land!  We are a city with a lot of contenders for the best pizza pie but this is hands down the best. The selection isn’t large and the drink menu is limited but if you are coming here for the pizza, you won’t be disappointed. Both my wife and I ordered a large pie with the expectation that we would each save half of it for leftovers – we both ate the entire thing. No regrets here!”Daniel L.

12421 Cedar Rd Cleveland Heights, OH 44106, (216) 229-8383

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