Avoiding Fret-ful Travels: 7 Tips for Flying with Your Guitar

We all know that travelling with a guitar is not the easiest task, especially flying! The instrument is heavy and bulky with a guitar case, which makes it difficult to bring on a plane or even in a car. Sound familiar?

However, there are many ways to make this process easier for you! Take note of these 7 pro tips so it will be a snap.

Plan ahead

If you are travelling by plane, make sure to book your flight early enough. This way the airline company can guarantee that there will be space in the baggage compartment – where they usually store musical instruments like guitars and drums.

Booking flights last minute may cause problems since the airline might not have space for your guitar. Avoid at all costs!

With that said, you should also remember to book a seat on the plane with extra storage (overhead compartment) where you can safely store your instrument while travelling – even if this is an additional cost.

If you are travelling by car make sure everything will fit in the trunk of the vehicle and that the guitar is properly tied down.

Use a gig bag

If you are travelling by plane or even car, use a soft carrying case (gig bag) that will protect your instrument from bumps and scratches.

Soft cases can be packed quite easily and they provide enough protection for light travel – keeping in mind this option might not be very practical for heavy travelling.

Use the seat in front of you, if possible

When booking your flight try to get a seat on the plane that is directly ahead or behind yours so when the passenger sitting there rises their chair – it will provide enough space for your guitar to fit underneath.

This option might not be available though, so make sure to ask for this when you are booking your tickets.

Use a hard case

Hard cases provide great protection but they might be difficult to pack and carry around if travelling by plane or car – plus they can take up quite some space in the trunk of your vehicle.

If possible try using a semi-hard case that will provide protection for your instrument and yet is easier to pack compared with a hard case.

Try using a guitar support

There are many different options when it comes to this if you want something that will be easy on the back or shoulders, depending on where you are travelling from.

For example, try bringing along one of these simple but practical supports that you can use to travel with your instrument.

Invest in proper neck support

This is an important purchase that will allow you to make sure your guitar’s neck stays straight while travelling – which might be crucial for the sound of your instrument since it keeps everything intact and prevents the strings from shifting against each other or even snapping. You can find a neck support in any music store that specialises in guitars.

Check the instrument’s condition before travelling

Make sure all screws and bolts are tightly secured because they might come loose after being transported from one place to another – which is why it is important for you to inspect your guitar regularly when using this option.

Now that you’ve received a list of seven pointers, it’s time to pack for your next excursion. The more prepared and organized you are before you leave, the easier this process will be.

With any luck, we just saved someone from damaging their instrument or missing out on an amazing performance opportunity because they weren’t properly equipped for travel.

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