The 10 Best Breakfast Spots in Eugene, Oregon

If you’re looking for the best breakfast spots in Eugene, Oregon, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite local eateries, each serving up delicious morning meals that will start your day off right.

From traditional comfort foods to healthy and innovative options, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Lion and Owl

Starting off the list is Lion and Owl, a hearty breakfast establishment with some of the most high class delicacies in Eugene, Oregon.

Starting the day with the steak and eggs platter provides for a delicious head start.

Also very much worthy of mention is the foie gras toast, a dainty but filling treat.

Menu: Lion and Owl Menu

Top Review: “I reviewed these folks before, but every time I go I find something new to Crow about. So this time I had a friend visiting and we took her out to brunch. She loved it as did we. The food presentation was excellent. This time I thought I’d include some photos. The potatoes are so light and delicious, the special butter cake nice and warm with berries, Yum Yum Yum! And my egg dish, Menemen. Trying to include the photos but just ain’t a workin’!”Bev H.

60 E 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401; (541) 606-0626

South Hills Cafe

South Hills Cafe is a great breakfast destination that has something for everyone.

The mouth-watering chiliques are perfect for a balanced and savory meal.

Grandma’s favorite breakfast burrito is another example of a well rounded and scrumptious meal.

Menu: South Hills Cafe Menu

Top Review: “Loved this spot. Super friendly folks. They’re a little light handed on salt, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I wasn’t crazy about their drip coffee but my companions had mochas and those seemed good. Kid friendly which was great because we had 2 toddlers. Hash browns are legit. I might request them a little crisper next time. I had huevos, friends had benedict and pancakes. We’ll be back!”PM C.

2495 Hilyard St, Eugene, OR 97405; (458) 240-7082

Jazzy Ladies Cafe & Club

Gluten free but prompting gluttony is the Jazzy Ladies Cafe & Club, an establishment dreamed of over 20 years ago and founded in 2015.

Their Irish breakfast hash is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Another savory meal to energize the morning is the plate of breakfast enchiladas.

Menu: Jazzy Ladies Cafe & Club Menu

Top Review: “This place is wonderful! Such a quaint little spot in downtown Eugene, but the staff were wonderful and the food was even better! I got the chicken fried steak and substituted my eggs for country potatoes. My friend got the strawberry waffle and a Mexican coffee. I also ordered the tropical mimosa. Everything tasted great! We will definitely be back for brunch.” – Kasey H.

560 Oak St Suite 130, Eugene, OR 97401; (541) 636-9923

Morning Glory Cafe

Morning Glory Cafe is the oldest vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Eugene, Oregon, and they have a lot to offer when it comes to delicious, healthful meals.

A tasty and unique plate to start off with is the little bear’s vegan omelette.

Their happy morning sandwich provides for a refreshing but hearty meal that is sure to fuel your day.

Menu: Morning Glory Cafe Menu

Top Review: “The Quick: So many vegan options! All delicious and so satisfying. Really enjoyed the Breakfast sandwich.. the potatoes covered in gravy and scallions were incredible!! The staff was busy but attentive- our coffee cup was never empty. Take advantage of the sauce bar, the green sauce is spicy and packed with flavor. We tried to ‘potato’ shell last time- super cool concept but enjoyed the morning glory potato side much more” – Alexandra L.

450 Willamette St, Eugene, OR 97401; (541) 687-0709

Studio One Cafe

Studio One Cafe is a small cafe that places emphasis on classic breakfasts and movies.

Please your palette with Zorro’s pride, an eggs benedict plate complete with hearty beans and rice.

The french toast sandwich with bacon, sausage, and sweet potato fries is sure to satiate your appetite AND your sweet tooth.

Menu: Studio One Cafe Menu

Top Review: “It’s our last day here at Eugene and we thought to go for a brunch when my son suggested this place. By the time we reached here we were in love with the ambience, look and feel of this place. Not too many people but yet a cozy place. We ordered coffee, and apple juice and then we ordered our breakfast- french toast which they are famous for, fabulous Frenchies (best part you can order half or full based on your appetite), chocolate pancake and Beverly hill scramble. We all enjoyed our food, great service, very friendly staff and the best, it’s a dog friendly place so we were able to bring our dog with us in the restaurant. Definitely worth coming to this place again”Usha A.

1473 E 19th Ave, Eugene, OR 97403; (541) 342-8596

Meraki Coffee Co.

Wake up and smell the coffee at Meraki Coffee Co., a Greece-inspired cafe with a delightful myriad of breakfast options. Add a little zest to your mornings with Toby’s toast, topped with tomatoes, pickled onions, avocado, and spices. The yogurt fruit parfait provides plenty of vitamins and sweetness for anyone looking for a pleasant breakfast.

Menu: Meraki Coffee Co. Menu

Top Review: “I understand why they have 5 stars. This place is awesome! I’ve been getting the miel maid latte for the last couple weeks, tastes like fall in a cup and they add this delicious graham cracker whipped cream! I’ve also tried some food items like the pesto breakfast toast.. amazing  the pumpkin zuchini bread.. so moist and yummy and the parfait.. fanciest one I’ve ever had it was yummy too! So glad I found this gem. The inside is very nice and welcoming too, if I was in school I’d definitely come study here. Great vibes and great people!” – Lilly M.

1203 Willamette St. Suites 110 & 120, Eugene, OR 97401; (541) 844-0254

Southpine Bakery

Serving up quality coffee, Southpine Bakery has an array of baked goods and other breakfast material worth giving a try. Have a sweet wake up call with their crumbly and scrumptious coffee cake. Alternatively, a zesty green escapade awaits with Southpine Bakery’s wildwood salad.

Menu: Southpine Bakery Menu (can’t find one, but main website has image of menu)

Top Review: “What a find!  This is a local bakery/coffee shop/ restaurant. I walked in and the place was alive with people chatting and working. The bakery items are right in front and looked great. I decided on the grapefruit honey cake since I have never had one. It was great. Tart, firm cake with the right amount of sweetness. but the star of the visit was the Caption jack sandwich.  It’s a fresh caught albacore ( local fisherman). Sandwich with capers onions tomatoes and lettuce. I think it had to be one of the best tuna sandwiches I have ever had. Lastly the staff was super friendly and the service was really quick.  Highly recommended you try it!” – Steve K.

2866 Crescent Ave Suite 101, Eugene, OR 97408; (541) 799-4595

Cornbread Cafe: Vegan Comfort Food

Cornbread Cafe is a community-oriented vegan restaurant that prioritizes quality, sustainability, and affordability. Their hearty country breakfast consists of chicken fried tempeh, biscuit in with gravy, and home fries. Ask about Cornbread Cafe’s daily specials; you just might be on time for a waffle taco!.

Menu: Cornbread Cafe Menu

Top Review: “I first tried this place back in 2021 and was caught off guard at how good it was. The next year I went back. I was visitig for 6 days and ate there 4 days. This has to be be my favorite comfort food spots and my favorite vegan spot.  The challenge with vegan foods has been texture and this place gets it. Food is seasoned well and I feel is make with love like “YO mama” made it   This is a destination when in the Eugene area.” – Keinan B.

1290 W 7th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402; (541) 505-9175

Lox, Stocks & Bagels

The bagels at Lox, Stocks & Bagels are all hand-rolled, boiled and baked in store. One of their classic items is the bagel and lox topped with red onions and capers. The everything bagel is coated with a myriad of seeds and spices, and it goes well with chives, onions, and cream cheese.

Menu: Lox, Stocks & Bagels Menu

Top Review: “I was really wanting a NY Style bagel and lox with all the trimmings. Good chewy bagel lightly toasted. And a good sized portion of flavorful lox spilling out of the sandwich as I ate it. Thin sliced tomato and red onions topped with capers, this was the real deal. Messy to eat (a good sign!). And each bite tasted better than the last (another good sign). It’s been over a year since I’ve had one of these beauties. I promise never to go that long again!” – Randy L.

368 E 40th Ave, Eugene, OR 97405; (541) 692-2435

Magpie Coffeeshop

Magpie Coffeeshop is a woman-owned establishment that prioritizes fresh, healthy, and flavorful meals. The breakfast bowl is a local favorite as it makes for a zesty feel-good meal. Satisfy any morning appetite with their beef hummus toast and wash it down with some espresso cream soda.

Menu: Magpie Coffeeshop Menu

Top Review: “Personal size Lemon Meringue and S’mores pies. Also fresh berry pies and key lime. Most excellent coffee and a nice variety of healthy and very tasty breakfast and lunch options. All served in Eugene’s newest destination – the 5th Market Alley. A very nice way to start the day or break for lunch.” – Michael D.

590 Pearl St suite 110, Eugene, OR 97401; (541) 743-5554

No matter what type of breakfast you’re in the mood for, Eugene has a spot to satisfy your cravings. So why not try out a few of these restaurants and find your new favorite morning meal? We promise you won’t be disappointed.