Have You Rummaged These 3 Fun Thrift & Vintage Shops in Virginia Beach, VA?

Step into Virginia Beach’s whimsical vintage realm, where Vintage Trixie’s curios and 360 Vintage Designs’ fashion gems await. This duo offers a delightful treasure quest, blending nostalgia with novelty for an enchanting journey. A vibrant stop for seekers of the unique and timeless.

 Vintage Trixie

Vintage Trixie is an absolute treasure for those enchanted by the allure of vintage and unique antiques. This shop bursts with an eclectic mix of curiosities, oddities, rocks, crystals, and handmade bizarro art.

Established in 2016, Vintage Trixie sprouted from a passion project into a beloved physical storefront, offering glimpses into the past through old photographs, jewelry, and various keepsakes. Behind its charm, Trixie, a college professor with a background in zookeeping, and John, a picker with an eye for the unusual, infuse the space with art, nature, and a dash of whimsy.


  • Wide array of unique, quirky items ranging from vintage toys to gemstones.
  • Personalized shopping experience with owners who add a personal touch.
  • Own parking and an inviting outdoor area enhance the visit.
  • Reasonably priced items, including a diverse selection of jewelry and decor.


  • The shop’s small size may limit exploration.

Bottom line: Vintage Trixie is a treasure trove of nostalgia and novelty, offering a memorable shopping experience for those in search of unique finds and a touch of history. Its vibrant selection and the warm, engaging presence of its owners make it a must-visit destination for collectors and curious minds alike.

Location: 112 Wayne Ave Chesapeake, VA 23320

360 Vintage Designs

Discover the treasure trove of 360 Vintage Designs in Virginia Beach, VA, where vintage fashion finds its pulse. Owner Tracey, a beacon of warmth and friendliness, often goes beyond the call of duty, reopening the store for latecomers with a smile.

Her curated collection boasts an impressive array of vintage clothing from various eras, each piece selected with an eye for quality and uniqueness. Whether you’re hunting for a wedding outfit that stands out or a perfect dress for a school dance, Tracey’s expertise and vast inventory will not disappoint. The store’s ambiance invites endless exploration among well-priced gems, making it a haven for vintage aficionados and casual browsers alike.


  • Exceptional customer service, with Tracey often reopening the store for visitors.
  • A vast and varied inventory featuring high-quality, carefully selected pieces.
  • Reasonable pricing compared to other curated vintage stores.
  • Helpful and attentive owner, ready to assist with finding the perfect item for any occasion.


  • The store’s layout is densely packed, which might overwhelm first-time visitors.
  • Operating hours are irregular during the week, though weekends follow a normal schedule.

Bottom line: 360 Vintage Designs stands out as a must-visit destination for anyone seeking unique vintage finds in Virginia Beach. Tracey’s dedication to quality, coupled with her genuine warmth, makes shopping here a delightful experience. Dive into this vintage haven where every piece tells a story, and leave with treasures that echo the charm of bygone eras.

Location: 4714 Princess Anne Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23462