Il Davide: Best Hidden Gem Restaurant in San Rafael, CA?

In the heart of San Rafael, California, lies a charming eatery, Il Davide, that’s capturing the hearts of food enthusiasts. After an invigorating day hike at Point Reyes National Seashore, many find their way to this delightful Italian restaurant.

With a simple phone call, guests can easily secure a reservation, ensuring a seamless dining experience. The restaurant boasts a cozy indoor dining area, complete with attentive service and a knowledgeable staff that enhances the overall experience.

Food Highlights:

  • Due Ravioli “Combinata: A dual offering of ravioli, one filled with a blend of fresh ricotta cheese, pancetta, and cream, while the other boasts a savory short rib filling with a special sauce. Both variants impress with perfectly cooked pasta and fantastic flavors.
  • Chilean Sea Bass: This special dish features a beautifully cooked Chilean Sea Bass, accompanied by crispy polenta, fresh asparagus, tomatoes, and sprouts, creating a symphony of tender, flaky flavors.
  • Blackberry Cabernet Sorbets: A delightful dessert option, offering a refreshing and tasty conclusion to the meal.
  • Scampi Bruschetta: An appetizer featuring rock prawns and shrimp in a classic garlic and butter scampi sauce on sourdough toast, delivering a rich, buttery taste.
  • Pollo Alla Parmigiana Il Davide: A renowned dish featuring fried chicken breast with mozzarella and tomato sauce, served alongside baked trofie pasta.
  • Tagliarini Alla Scampi: A pasta dish with rock shrimp and gulf prawns, reminiscent of the scampi appetizer, originally a substitute for the unavailable clams linguini.
  • Tiramisu: A classic Italian dessert, served with caramel and chocolate sauce, offering a fluffy and creamy delight.


Il Davide provides a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere, perfect for both casual dinners and special events like rehearsal dinners. The Lucca Room, a specific area within the restaurant, served as a magical setting for a rehearsal dinner, unaffected by the rain outside. The staff, including the event coordinator and chef/owner, ensured a memorable and seamless experience, marked by professional pacing and a perfect ambiance.

In addition to the regular menu, the restaurant caters to special events with a diverse range of options including vegetarian appetizers like bruschetta and polenta, salads like insalata Davide and Caesar, and entrees including spicy chicken parmigiana, beef short rib brasato, petrale sole piccata, and shrimp scampi.

With its excellent service, delicious food, and inviting atmosphere, Il Davide stands out as a hidden gem in San Rafael, offering an exceptional dining experience that leaves guests eager to return.

Directions: 901 A St San Rafael, CA 94901