Slices of Heaven: The BEST Pizza in Springfield, Illinois

Ah, Springfield, IL, where the capital might be political, but the real power lies in the pizza. Forget the speeches; let’s talk about the saucy soliloquies these pizza parlors deliver. Get ready to embark on a doughy adventure through the heart of Illinois, where even Abe Lincoln himself would have traded his stovepipe hat for a slice of this cheesy goodness!

Gabatoni’s Restaurant

Photo: J G.

The textbook definition of the “Family dining experience,” Gabatoni’s restaurant has been serving the community of Springfield for over seventy years. The warm atmosphere exudes classic Americana and cozy vibes that practically welcome you in the door on their own. The huge menu offers a wide variety of appetizers, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, soups, salads, and desserts, ensuring that everyone in the family will find something they’ll love. When you visit Springfield, be sure to come experience this piece of local history!

Menu: Gabatoni’s Restaurant

Top Review: “I’ve been eating here since I was a kid and I brought my kids here and now I bring my grand kids. The food is off the chain here and not expensive at all. Reasonably priced, honestly I think it’s under priced for the quality of the food cuz it’s honestly one of the beat restaurants in Springfield” –Gloria S.

300 E. Laurel St, Springfield, IL 62703

Open Every Day 11am-9pm

Mario’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

Out of the many pizza joints and Italian restaurants in and around Springfield, what sets Mario’s apart? Two words: LUNCH BUFFET. Every weekday highlights a different pasta and pizza, alongside their everyday buffet menu. Their daily specials keep things fresh, and the family specials on Sunday and Monday help keep things afordable if you have a whole crew to feed. Be sure to stop by Mario’s while youre in town, and enjoy some of the best pizza in Springfield! Oh, did I mention that kids eat free on Monday? ‘Cause that’s totally a thing.

Menu: Mario’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

Top Review: “Stopped in Springfield overnight, found this gem near the hotel, open on Sunday evening, and serving ice cold Peroni pints on tap and hot thin crust pizza, all reasonably priced. Nice, engaging staff made us feel like a regulars.” –Frank L.

2 Locations

3073 E. Clear Lake Ave, Springfield, IL 62702

M-F 11am-9pm, S-Su 4pm-9pm

2841 Mansion Rd, Springfield, IL 62711

Everyday 4pm-9pm

Joe’s Italian Pizza

Menu: Joe’s Italian Pizza

Joe’s Italian Pizza is a small, unassuming little restaurant, located in the corner of a strip shopping center. Their small size and menu puts them firmly in the “underdog” category, but they hold their own, just on the sheer quality of their pizza. You might want to plan on getting take out, though, their dining room is quite small.

Some of the best pizza in Springfield, courtesy of Joe's Italian!
Photo: Rebecca A.

Top Review: “Forever a family staple for us! I love the cheese and the sausage pizzas. And fabulous lasagna. I’m the 4th generation of family in Springfield to love Joe’s pizza. They are THE best!” –Adam P.

1552 W Jefferson St, Springfield, IL

Th-Su 4pm-9pm

Antonio’s Pizza

Antonio’s pizza is a local mainstay, cranking out pizza for the good people of Springfield for over 30 years now. A family affair in every sense, Antonio’s is owned and operated by the Suiter family, who pride themselves on their excellent food and service. They also give back to the community, supporting local youth sports, law enforcement, and many other charities, so every slice at Antonio’s is a little slice of good. It’s really tasty, too, definitely some of the best pizza in Springfield.

Menu: Antonio’s Pizza

Top Review: “I’ve been looking for a good pizza place in Springfield and believe my search is over. I ordered a pepperoni and sausage pizza and asked for it to be “well done but not burnt” and it was perfect. The browned cheese had a great buttery taste and the sauce and crust tasted great too. A great 16″ pizza for under $15.” –Bruce B.

Five locations to serve you

Ricco’s Pizza

Ricco’s pizza is a little different from your standard pizza joint. Specializing in thin crusts and classic stone pizza ovens, they have one foot firmly in the classics. If you look at your menu, though, you’ll find a wide variety of topping choices and lots of wildly creative pies, like the Woodstock, the Funky Chicken, or the Jimmy Buffet. Whether you want a basic pepperoni or something more adventerous, Ricco’s is definately worth a stop.

Photo: Joe K.

Menu: Ricco’s Pizza

Top Review: “I’ve lived in Williamsville a few miles up the road for about a year now, and this is the second time in two weeks our family has gotten pizza from here and I think it’s the best pizza in town if you like thin and crispy pizza. Yeah, it’s about $20-ish per pizza but you can get 2 to 3 meals out of a medium pizza so it’s a pretty good deal. I think we’ve found our new favorite local pizza place.” –Grant H.

420 Crossing Drive, Sherman, IL 62684

Tu-Sa 4pm-8pm

Bernie & Betty’s Pizza

After a while, pizza joints all start to look pretty similar. To succeed, you need to do something to set yourself apart. Maybe by offering a San Francisco style sourdough crust. Possibly by including creative seafood toppings like shrimp and crab. Maybe even by including a full bar in your restaurant.

Photo: David S.

Wouldn’t you know it, Bernie & Betty’s Pizza offers all three! Rounding out their menu with a selection of salads, pastas, and sandwiches, they’ve got something for everyone. Bring a crowd and no one will leave hungry.

Menu: Bernie & Betty’s Pizza

Top Review: “This is a corner bar/pizza joint with great pizza, friendly staff and old school vibe inside. Nice neighborhood spot. They have hot slots too.  The also have a full bar.” –Jean S.

1101 South Spring Street, Springfield, Illinois 62704

Tu-Th 11am-9pm, F-Su 11am-10pm

In the end, Springfield, IL, has proven that it’s not just about politics and historic landmarks; it’s also a hub of pizza wizardry that could rival any magical realm. From crispy crusts that defy gravity to toppings that could spark a debate in Congress, this city knows how to make pizza great again! So, as you bid adieu to Springfield, let your taste buds be the ones casting their votes. Remember, folks, when it comes to pizza in the capital, it’s not about red or blue; it’s about the deliciously cheesy shade of toppings that truly matters. Pizza party, anyone?

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