The Best Italian Restaurants in St. Louis You Must Try – (Photos!)

Italian cuisine is a staple in the city, and it’s hard to find a bad plate of pasta. But we’re here to give you only the best.

Whether you’re exploring the popular neighborhood of The Hill or looking for a casual, cozy setting, you’re sure to find something perfect in St. Louis. So put on your stretchy pants and come along as we explore the best Italian restaurants in St. Louis.

Bon Appetit!

Charlie Gitto’s On the Hill

We’re starting with something a little fancier with a sophisticated dining experience at Charlie Gitto’s.

This fine dining establishment has a charming and dramatic vibe inside with dark wooden interiors and an actual fountain; it’ll feel like you’re on a film set.

To start, try their toasted ravioli (a favorite!) or any of their most popular dishes like seafood pasta Suzanne, lobster bisque, or chicken rigatoni. Charlie’s is easily one of the best Italian restaurants in St. Louis, you don’t want to miss it!

Menu: Charlie Gitto’s Menu

Top Review: “I’m from Kansas City and have had some great Italian food. Yes. It’s that good. The calamari is as good as any I’ve ever had. The creamed spinach is very good. The penne borghese, in the cognac sauce.  Delightful. The filet was cooked perfectly and very tender, yet with a lovely crust. We had a lovey and reasonably priced bottle of Italian red. The tiramisu was as you might expect. And with a a shot of limoncello and an espresso. Whoa! Great food and great service. Loved it all.”Todd W.

5226 Shaw Ave St. Louis, MO 63110, (314) 772-8898

Anthonino’s Taverna

Anthonino’s Taverna is much more casual, family-friendly, and great for hanging out with friends.

Despite the relaxed vibe, the menu offerings are anything but ordinary, ranging from unique pizzas and burgers to sumptuous pasta dishes.

Their popular dishes include toasted ravioli, Gyro-Greek pizza, meatball pasta, and calamari. They are unlike other Italian restaurants in St. Louis, especially with the Greek influences in their dishes.

Menu: Anthonino’s Menu

Top Review: “This place is easily some of the best pasta I’ve eaten in recent memory by leaps and bounds. You go in and there’s all kinds of people sitting here. People who just got off work, who are meeting family, friends, going on dates, but everyone has one thing in common, they’re all eating pasta. That’s how good this place is. This establishment has plenty of things on its menu yet they all choose to eat this hand made pasta. It’s no surprise honestly. This pasta is made with love. Care. Flavor. Attention. If you’re in town I highly suggest you try it. Its affordable, delicious, and filling. Not much more about this can be said. It doesn’t pretend to be pretentious or fancy. Its just pasta after all.”Ben Y.

2225 Macklind Ave Saint Louis, MO 63110, (314) 773-4455

Zia’s Restaurant

Zia’s Restaurant is another staple in The Hill neighborhood. It is also considered one of the best Italian restaurants in St. Louis.

Since 1985, this beloved restaurant has been serving classic Italian gourmet cuisine at affordable prices, earning a reputation as a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

The warm and inviting interior, formerly home to an Italian grocer, adds to the comfortable atmosphere.

Be sure to try their ravioli (the seafood and toasted ravioli are great options), parmigiana, or Mostaccioli Al Forno.

Menu: Zia’s Menu

Top Review: “I finally got to try this place the other day and was I in love! I mean I’m a sucker for Italian food anyway. But please don’t forget about Zia’s. We got the garlic cheese bread as an appetizer because how could you not!? Amazing of course. I wish I could eat it for every meal. Then we split the baked spaghetti as an entrée. I know I know, so much cheese and bread and pasta. But it was a night for indulgence! Pair that with some wine and it was heaven. 10 out of 10 would recommend if you have not been to Zia’s. Service was amazing, the place is huge, and the atmosphere was just perfect. So relaxed and friendly.”Sadie K.

5256 Wilson Ave Saint Louis, MO 63110, (314) 776-0020

Mama’s On the Hill

Known as the birthplace of the famous toasted ravioli, Mama’s On the Hill is a landmark and a must-visit for anyone looking for a taste of Italy.

Aside from the food, the atmosphere is very welcoming and will make you think of what Italian homes must be — a friendly, vibrant atmosphere.

Of course, you must try their toasted ravioli, then go for a seafood linguine or baked lasagna for your main.

It can be a little expensive, but they have generous portions and delicious dishes. It’s why it’s one of the best Italian restaurants in St. Louis.

Menu: Mama’s Menu

Top Review: “The calamari and toasted raviolis are our go to appetizers every time we visit. Our entrees were so good we didn’t even wait to take pictures before eating but we had Veal Gabriella and Lasagna. Even though the place was packed our server John was on top of it. This is the perfect spot for a cozy dinner with great people. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a date or celebrating a birthday party.”Mercedes Elena

2132 Edwards St Saint Louis, MO 63110, (314) 776-3100

Trattoria Marcella

Trattoria Marcella proves that not all of the best Italian restaurants are in The Hill. This spot is a family-owned St. Louis institution serving up the soul food of Italy with passion and flair.

The quality is consistent with exceptional hospitality and value. Make sure to get reservations, as this place gets packed really quickly.

Visitors recommend getting the rigatoni, chicken spiedini, chicken risotto, or toasted ravioli.

Menu: Trattoria Marcella Menu

Top Review: “Another return visit. Trattoria Marcella never fails to impress. The food as always was excellent and they serve you with plenty of time between dishes so that you can enjoy each course.  Service was great from the time we walked in until the time we left. I had the lobster and my wife had the chicken risotto. Both were very tasty. The apple salad was great too. Such a nice place to enjoy a great meal.  Definitely recommend.”Antony P.

3600 Watson Rd Saint Louis, MO 63109, (314) 352-7706

There are so many places you can go to if you’re craving some Italian food. From the historic landmark of Mama Campisi’s to the imaginative dishes at Trattoria Marcella, there’s something for everyone.

Make sure not to miss trying out the local favorite, toasted ravioli, or explore the many restaurants on The Hill. Grab a glass of wine and discover the best Italian restaurant in St. Louis.

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