Pizza Paradise: The Best Pizza in Reno – 2023

It’s Pizza Time! Are you looking for the best pizza in Reno that will send you on a journey through time and space? Ok, that is a bit dramatic, but we all cherish a slice of pie that delivers the goods. Tonight, a chain just won’t do.

Then read on fellow pizza traveler and discover the best Reno has to offer! Bon appetit!

Smiling With Hope Pizza

Smiling with Hope Pizza is a special and beloved pizza place in Reno. It’s run by a couple who’s been making pizza for more than 20 years.

It is changing ownership, but the good news is the owners will pass down all their knowledge and techniques to the new owners.

So you can still get the same Smiling with Hope Pizza that locals have loved for so long. Walter and Judy are behind this great pizzeria — making everything from scratch, from dough to prep and cooking. That love and friendly service get translated so well.

Get the full breakdown with this review!

What to expect from this pizza spot? Pizzas in the style of NY and NJ. You might be craving the taste of New York in Reno, and this is the perfect spot. They have their classic NY, but their NY-style Ricotta pizza is also a crowd favorite.

Menu: Smiling With Hope Pizza Menu

Top Review: “Great pizza with awesome flavor and crispy thin crust! I found out about this place online and I love the story behind the business. My boyfriend and I had tried a couple days to put in an order, but we were too late all those times. You really need to start calling at 3pm… I was lucky to get through between 3:05-3:10 PM! We ate on the patio which had a nice ambience (grape vines on the bordering fence) and the servers were very kind.”Julia L.

6135 Lakeside Dr Ste 101 Bartley Ranch Reno, NV 89511, (775) 825-1070

Southcreek Pizza

Southcreek Pizza is known for gourmet Naples-style pizza, complete with a Neapolitan-style dough.

They have all the classics we all know and love, but they’re one of the best pizzas in Reno, Nevada, because of their uniqueness.

Their pizzas are hand-crafted, and the mozzarella is made fresh every morning. You can try their Paulie Gee pizza, South Creek pizza, and Margherita.

Don’t miss out on their wood-fired brick oven pizzas!

Menu: Southcreek Pizza Menu

Top Review: “Perfect summer lunch  at Southcreek!  The staff is very friendly and their menu options manage to be creative but not off putting. I’m all for trying new things but with pizza, a little creativity goes a long way! If you want a creative twist of flavors that taste amazing together, I highly recommend the Pear-a-Dice pizza. Might be a tad heavy on the arugula (but just turn your slice upside down and you take care of that) but the bacon, pear, blue cheese, and honey flavors are made for each other!  So good and so perfect for summer. Pair that with their white wine sangria and you’ll be a happy person.”Layla R.

45 Foothill Rd Reno, NV 89511, (775) 622-1620

Eclipse Pizza Co.

Another one of the best pizza spots in Reno is Eclipse Pizza Co. They make thin-crust pizzas with a bit of innovation in their flavors.

Their toppings usually come with a twist you might want to try. Their pizzas are made-to-order.

If you’re looking for gluten-free options, they have that too. Try their BBQ chicken pizza, pep talk pizza, or the moustache ride pizza. Their salads are pretty good too! Head to Eclipse for some of the best pizza in Reno!

Menu: Eclipse Pizza Co. Menu

Top Review: “Never had pizza this awesome before, SERIOUSLY!!! Ordered the Lumberjack pizza (check out their “secret menu ” online, & it is soo good. Now granted I didn’t each much earlier today but I was able to devour half of a medium size. I usually just eat a couple slices of pizza from other establishments. Also, the guy that asked if I wanted ranch dressing? Thanks because that is really pairing nicely with all the flavor full meats. Will get pizza from here again, DEFINITELY!”Amanda B.

3950 Mayberry Dr Reno, NV 89519, (775) 747-4343


Pizzava is a pizza spot that won’t disappoint. They have unique flavors that push you out of your comfort zone.

They’re definitely worth a try, though! Like their breakfast pizza with an egg on top. People swear by it, and it comes highly recommended.

They also have classic pizza flavors like pepperoni that never get old.

Other things to try are the BBQ chicken pizza, calzones, buffalo chicken wings, and some of their pasta.

Menu: Pizzava Menu

Top Review:Shoutout to Kyle for converting my family into repeat customers of this pizza joint! We followed his recommendations for the Chicken Alfredo Pie, Spicy Bacon Cheesy Bread, and Cinnamon Balls. My squad devoured our meal to cap off a great late Friday Night. Looking forward to coming back this weekend! Thanks again to Kyle and staff for friendly service!”JJ S.

1043 S Virginia St Reno, NV 89502, (775) 507-7077

R Town Pizza

If you’re looking for a unique pizza experience in Reno, look no further than R Town Pizza. This pizzeria stands out from the crowd with its Detroit-style pizza, which has roots in Sicilian-style pizza and came to prominence as a uniquely Detroit-style pizza over the last few decades.

pepperoni pizza at R Town Pizza in Reno, Nevada
Photo: Mike B.

R Town Pizza offers a variety of toppings to choose from, and their grinders, craft beer, and cocktails make for a perfect pairing.

The atmosphere is cool and inviting, making it a great spot to grab a bite with friends or family. Don’t miss out on this gem of a pizza spot in Reno!

Menu: R Town Menu

Top Review: “A couple of friends recommended that we go to R Town Pizza yesterday and I have to say the recommendation was spot on. I know NY pizza, Chicago pizza, Seattle pizza but didn’t know anything about Detroit pizza. Now I do and I enjoyed it very much. The good news for vegetarians is that you can get a “meat” pizza without actually eating meat. They have vegan meatballs, sausage and pepperoni which are delicious and make a standard vegetarian pizza into something way better than the usual veggie pizza. We met the owner, super nice guy and is obviously committed to turning out a nice variety delicious pizzas. They also have a nice selection of brews on tap and other interesting things to drink. We really enjoyed our meal there and will be back for sure.”James S.

Pizanos Pizza

Pizanos Pizza offers pizza by the slice and whole. The slices are worth it and pretty affordable.

They also have an extensive menu with gluten-free crust as an option. They’ve got a good crust with tons of toppings and stay open until late.

If you’re dining in, it’s an intimate setting with limited sitting and a patio outside. Try their meat, meat, and more meat pizza, combo pizza, and chicken bacon alfredo pizza.

Menu: Pizanos Pizza Menu

Top Review: “Yum! Yum! Yum! Delicious! Awesome pizza parlor in downtown Reno! The best BBQ chicken Pizza is so good. My all time favorite is the garlic knots for sure. Fast service too.”Kelly S.

95 N Sierra St Ste 102 Reno, NV 89501, (775) 260-4744

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