Patty Palooza: The Best Burgers in Chicago in 2023

Chicago’s love affair with burgers runs deep and we can’t wait to share it all with you. With a harmonious blend of flavorful patties, melted cheese, and an array of delectable toppings, Chicago burgers have earned a reputation as burger legends.

From humble neighborhood joints to trendy gastropubs and upscale eateries, Chicago boasts a vibrant burger scene that caters to every palate and preference.

Au Cheval

When it comes to the Chicago burger scene, one name stands out among the rest: Au Cheval. This renowned establishment, nestled in the trendy West Loop neighborhood, has gotten both praise and debate among locals and visitors alike.

Sumptuous burger at Au Cheval in Chicago, best burgers in Chicago
Photo: Ashley M.

Is the famous award-winning burger spot with its long wait truly worth it? Though there have been mixed reviews, we say it’s still worth a try. You’ll either love it or hate it, but be sure to try it at least once while you’re in the city.

Single Cheeseburger with Thick - Cut Peppered Bacon at Au Cheval in Chicago, Illinois
Single Cheeseburger with Thick – Cut Peppered Bacon Photo: Hao T.

The single cheeseburger that’s the topic of the debate has melted Kraft singles, Dijonnaise, pickles, and thick-cut bacon. It’s definitely a drool-worthy burger. The single cheeseburger remains an undisputed icon, but their other burgers are also worthy contenders. Try the egg and bacon or double cheeseburger if you have the chance. Easily some of the best burgers in Chicago.

Menu: Au Cheval Menu

Top Review: “Simply the best. The wait is worth it. Great bar next door too with a lot of great bourbons and a bunch of great beers. Again any wait here is worth it if you have not been and are questioning “is the wait worth it?” – it is.”Colin R.

Little Bad Wolf

For those seeking an indulgent burger experience accompanied by a relaxed ambiance, Little Bad Wolf has become a beloved spot in Chicago. The spot has a lively and casual atmosphere with an outdoor patio and bar with great cocktails and drinks.

The Wolf Burger at Little Bad Wolf in Chicago, Illinois
Just WOW Photo: Dan H.

Nestled in a vibrant neighborhood, this casual eatery is best known for its tantalizing creations, including the iconic Wolf Burger and the equally satisfying Bad Burger.

The Wolf Burger at Little Bad Wolf in Chicago
The uncompromising Wolf Burger Photo: AJ K.

The star of the show is undeniably the Wolf Burger, one of the best burgers in Chicago. This is a guilty pleasure that doubles down on every sinful thing you could ever want on a burger. Brace yourself for three mouthwatering patties, perfectly cooked bacon, melted American cheese, onion straws, pickles, mayo, and a fried egg. Don’t forget to pair it with a side of their delectable mac and cheese, a perfect complement to the bold flavors of the burger.

Their Bad Burger is an alternative if you’re looking for something more lowkey and simple, but still delicious!

Menu: Little Bad Wolf Menu

Top Review: “Phenomenal! The wolf burger is so tasty and juicy. The highlight was actually the mussels – the sauce it comes with is one of the tastiest sauces I’ve had in the city. Phenomenal table service and the overall speed to get our food was great. They do not take reservations and the place was super packed at 4 on a Saturday. Definitely stop by if you’re in the area!”Katie L.


Gretel is an exciting addition to Chicago’s culinary landscape as the sister restaurant of Little Bad Wolf. It’s an up-and-coming burger shop that’s slowly climbing the ranks of having the best burger in Chicago.

A delicious burger at Gretel in Chicago illinois
Photo: Earl J.

Their most recommended burger is the Gretel Griddle Burger. Featuring garlic aioli, American cheese, and the satisfying crunch of red onions, all sandwiched between a sesame seed bun, this burger is a flavor-packed experience.

The combination of their burger, cocktails, and spirits will undoubtedly make for a memorable dining experience and is perfect for casual nights out.

Menu: Gretel Menu

Top Review: “Follow the breadcrumbs to this awesomely moody pub and be wowed by their friendly staff, drink selection and one of the best burgers in Chicagoland.  The service was very attentive.  I had a unique rose petal cider which was not overly sweet and it was refreshing.  The double patty burger came with two kinds of cheese, pickles, garlic aioli and a basket of thin cut fries with a yummy dipping sauce.  For a gluten free option they will serve it wrapped in crispy iceberg lettuce.  They don’t accept reservations so we arrived before 5 pm on a Sunday and were seated quickly.”Annette M.

Community Tavern

Community Tavern has an elegant ambiance and upscale bar vibe that’s a little fancier than your typical burger stop. At Community Tavern, it’s all about the meat. While their menu features a range of American classics with delightful Asian influences, their double cheeseburger stands out as a must-try dish.

This burger is a true dream, oozing with cheese and boasting two juicy patties, all nestled between a soft bun and garnished with pickles, caramelized onions, and a tantalizingly spicy sauce.

Their menu also showcases a variety of dishes that pay homage to American classics with creative Asian twists. Explore the rich flavors of their short rib dumplings, steak frites, or dan dan noodles. Each dish highlights its dedication to quality ingredients and the fusion of culinary traditions.

Menu: Community Tavern Menu

Top Review: “My wife and I have been coming here for years and have never been disappointed!  Do not let the name fool you, this is not a place that serves bar food.  (Although they do have one of the best burgers in town according to many lists over the years)  From the grilled short rib, ocean trout, and  spicy Dan Dan noodles to the scallion pancakes and 4 layer coconut cake if you try it once you’ll be hooked.  Once a month they have a wine tasting and they have a great happy hour at the bar early, but if you’re coming later make a reservation it’s a very popular place!”Michael N.

The Region

When it comes to comfort food, The Region is a go-to spot in Chicago. While they offer an array of mouthwatering dishes, their single cheeseburger steals the show.

a massive smash burger at The Region in Chicago
Photo: Nolan F.

This is another single cheeseburger on the list that’s more accessible and affordable than the others. Their smash burger can be interchanged with single, double, or triple patties with American cheese, a house sauce, green relish, and raw onion. It’s simple and delicious.

Other burger recommendations include the Diggity Dos, Annihilation, Regionette, and Turkey burger. Also, treat yourself to their crispy onion rings and tangy fried pickles, which perfectly complement their burgers.

Menu: The Region Menu

Top Review: “The burger was on point. Edges flattened and crispy (yum). The single is probably good enough but the double was excellent. The melt on the cheese was just right and the bun was a great compliment to the burger. There was not much indoor seating at this location but there was an outdoor seating area with several available tables and seats.”Anthony R.

In the sprawling culinary landscape of Chicago, where tastes and preferences vary, one thing remains constant: the city’s undying love affair with burgers.

Salt Burgers + Fries

If you’re in Chicago and craving a delicious burger, Salt Burgers + Fries is a must-visit spot. With locations in both Wicker Park and River North, this burger joint offers some of the best burgers in Chicago. The burgers are made with smash patties that have a nice crisp, and their sauce is similar to In N Out’s animal sauce.

A Salt Burger at Salt Burgers + Fries in Chicago, IL
Photo: Anthony M.

If you’re a vegetarian, try the plant-based patty option that has the same delicious taste as the meat options. Don’t forget to pair your burger with a side of Salt Fries or onion rings for the ultimate meal.

interior of salt burgers + Fries in Chicago Illinois
Photo: Chris M.

With fast food prices that won’t break the bank, Salt Burgers + Fries is a great option for a quick and tasty meal in Chicago.

Menu: Salt Burgers Menu

Top Review: “Attached to bearded papa, Salt burger and fries is suppose to be the east coast’s in-n-out. I believe the flavor is wayyy better than in-n-out especially the fries! The seasoning may be a little salty for some people but I like my burger with some flavor so I enjoyed it. Me and the bf were on a food adventure so we got the single patty burger with the loaded fries. Next time I’ll go with the double patty burger. We also got a horchata shake which was also really good.”Huyen V.

Bianca’s Burgers

Menu: Bianca’s Menu

Top Review: “Bianca Burgers ROCKS! You might know them from the success they’ve had at Revival Food Hall. This is a brand new BYOB Humboldt Park location open from lunch until after midnight. First we tried the Bianca Burger… comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, and a Bianca sauce. It was spectacular. Juicy, flavorful, huge… everything you’d want in a burger. Next was a chicken cheesesteak… simply OUTSTANDING. Soft Turano bread, perfectly seasoned, tender chicken, and a mix of Provolone & American cheeses giving you that “perfect combination of flavor and melty cheesiness.” This is a spot we look forward to seeing again many times.”Mayo M.

From iconic classics to innovative creations, Chicago’s burger scene is a treasure trove for food enthusiasts. Whether it’s sinking your teeth into the juicy perfection of Au Cheval’s legendary burger, savoring the guilty pleasures at Little Bad Wolf, or relishing the comforting flavors at Community Tavern and The Region, Chicago offers a diverse array of burger experiences that cater to every palate.

So, whether you’re a local or a visitor, embark on a flavorful journey through the best burgers in Chicago and indulge in the mouthwatering creations that have solidified Chicago’s reputation as a burger lover’s paradise.

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